Samsung UE55HU8500 UHD 4K TV

samsung UE55HU8500
samsung UE55HU8500
samsung UE55HU8500


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The Screen: 55-inch LED LCD screen, 3840 x 2160 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, 60Hz picture frequency.
The Dimensions: H 767.6mm x W 1232.6mm x D 92.9mm. Weight 23.8kg.
The Audio: Very good audio, 60W (Front TW (10W+10W) , Front Mid (10W+10W) , Woofer Left 10W+10W), Dolby Digital, 3D Sound, Digital Audio Out.
The Connectivity: Wi-Fi built in, Ethernet, HDMI 2.0, USB.
The Tuner: DTV tuner, analog tuner, 2 tuner.
Smart TV: Smart Hub, web browser, wide range of apps and games, multi-screen (dual or quad) can be enabled.
The Features: Samsung 3D, Teletext, Sleep Timer, Auto Power Off.
Power Consumption: On mode Average Power Consumption: 145W. Standby Power Consumption: 0.3W.
Value for Money: Solid, from around £2,300 / US$2,300.








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Gorgeous display, Ultra HD (4K) resolution, very thin bezel around the screen, sharp motion clarity, future ready.


Not the best viewing angles due to a curved design, it's not the most responsive display so it might not be a great choice for competitive console/PC gamers.

Bottom Line

Samsung UE55HU8500 UHD 4K TV is among the top TV sets you can buy at the moment. It may be on the more expensive side, but it offers great display, tons of smart features and latest connectivity options. It will fulfill you needs whether you’re watching TV, movies, browsing the web or casually playing video games.

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Samsung UE55HU8500The Samsung UE55HU8500 UHD 4K TV is a high-end piece of technology and has a price to reflect this fact. If you want a true home theatre experience, then the 55-inch LED LCD screen with 3840 x 2160 resolution and 60W surround sound system will make you think you’re actually in a cinema – it’s that good.

It’s a thing of beauty too: its thin bezels and curved screen look almost futuristic and it has more than enough smart TV features such as the Smart Hub, web browser, a wide range of apps and games, as well as having the option of enabling dual or quad multi-screen. It even comes equipped with a quad core plus processor that is more powerful than found in many computers.

Connectivity on the UE55HU8500 comes in the form of an external ‘One Connect’ box that has four (v2.0 for 60p UHD playback) HDMIs, a LAN, integrated Wi-Fi, tuner inputs and a proprietary output connection for displaying various sources on to the TV.

Unique to Samsung, the UHD Smart Evolution kit completely reengineers your TV without you having to replace it. This enables you to renew the TV to the latest technology in terms of performance, content and features ensuring your TV remains cutting edge. The UE55HU8500 is compatible with all current UHD connected sources and can be upgraded to be compatible with future UHD standards as well, meaning the TV is future ready.

So who is the UE55HU8500 not for?

First of all, it’s not a cheap TV (though it has come down in price since its launch early in 2014) so may well be beyond the budget of most consumers. Some people have also complained the curved screen does not offer the best viewing angles on such a (relatively) small 55″ screen. In addition to this, it doesn’t perform as well as some other high-end TVs for gaming, especially those with high frame rates. But that isn’t really the audience this TV is aimed it: If you have a small to medium sized room and want a truly great home movie experience to watch your favourite blu-ray movies on, then the Samsung UE55HU8500 UHD 4K TV will not disappoint.

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