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iPhone 7 Rumours & Expectations

iPhone 7 Concept
iPhone 7 Concept

The iPhone 7 release date is still months away (expected late September launch), yet rumours abound as usual as to what we will see on what will be the 11th iPhone model release.  The release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September 2014 saw some important improvements over previous iPhones, not least the design and larger screens.

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Here we look at the most credible rumours and expected specs of the new iPhone, as well as some of the features we would like to see.

iPhone 6
iPhone 7 Specifications?
OS iOS 8 iOS 9
Design Ultra-thin aluminium unibody Probably similar to the iPhone 6, possibly with the use of scratch-proof Sapphire glass for the display and Liquidmetal for the chassis
Size H: 138.1mm
W: 67.0mm
D: 6.9 mm
Probably similar to the iPhone 6
Screen 4.7″ IPS LCD, 750 x 1334p, 326 ppi
Possible 5.0″ IPS LCD as a result of ultra-thin bezels and possible 3D display
Internal Specs Apple A8 chip, Dual core, 1400 MHz, Cyclone ARMv8-A, 64-bit, 1GB RAM, PowerVR GX6450 quad-core GPU Apple A9 chip that is expected to be 20% faster and up to 35% more energy efficient, 2GB RAM
Camera 8MP camera, F2.2 aperture, with digital image stabilization, simultaneous HD video and image recording, back-illuminated sensor (BSI), HDR, 1080p full HD video recording @60fps or 720p @240fps (for slow-mo recording), 1.2MP front-facing camera. Possible 21MP dual-lens camera offering ‘DSLR-like’ picture quality with 4K video capabilities
Audio Single speaker located on the bottom of the phone Same speaker placement to help keep screen size as large as possible for phone size
Battery 1800 mAh capacity. Talk time: Up to 14 hours for 3G. Standby time: Up to 240 hours. Same or slightly larger capacity battery
MSRP price: £699 / €749 / $699 £749 / €799 / $749

Apple tends to have a more major revamp of the iPhone every couple of years (2014 was one of those years) and the in between years see more minor upgrades. The iPhone 7 is likely to be more of a minor upgrade to the iPhone 6, but certainly not insignificant. The design is likely to feature a more edge-to-edge display; the camera specs are quite possibly going to feature the biggest leap in performance in any iPhone and there could be a few more interesting features such as: an on-screen fingerprint sensor which means Apple could do away with the home button, allowing for a larger screen; an Apple SIM which would allow a user to switch networks without changing the SIM card and the introduction of something called ‘Force Touch’ which would allow the display to differentiate between different strength presses, responding in different ways.

Would the above improvements tempt you to upgrade from the iPhone 6?

Some Other Things We Would Like to See on the iPhone 7

While the above iPhone 7 features and specs would make it one of the world’s leading smartphones, there are a few features that are not strongly rumoured but we would like to see on the new phone from Apple.

  • Wireless charging: more manufacturers are offering this handy benefit and we wonder why Apple can’t offer the same
  • Full HD display: while the Apple IPS LCD retina displays are excellent and a full HD display was featured on the 6 Plus, we would like to see a full HD display on the normal iPhone, which is now become important when streaming content onto HD or 4K TVs
  • Expandable storage: we have always lamented at the fact that no iPhone has ever offered expandable storage, which is fine if you have a 64GB model, but not so good if you don’t
  • Larger battery: it will remain to be seen if the new A9 chip really will be 35% more efficient, but iPhones have never been renowned for their battery life. We would rather see a slightly thicker phone if battery life could be significantly improved.  Or what about the lightening charger that was rumoured in 2014?

What would be the most important features you like to see on the new iPhone 7?

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