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HTC One M9 Release Date & Expectations

HTC One M9 Rumour
HTC One M9 Rumour

Originally released in March 2013, the HTC One quickly became one of the most iconic and popular Android smartphones on the market. The new, third generation HTC One M9 is expected to be officially revealed on Monday 2nd March at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain and is expected to be released for sale on the major carriers across Europe and North America during the second and third week of March.

HTC One M9 Rumoured Photo

HTC One M9 Rumoured Photo from German Retailer Cyberport

So What Might We Expect to See on the HTC One M9?

  • A 5″ full HD (1080p) display very similar to the screen found on the HTC One M8. While some may be disappointed that HTC have not increased the screen size or resolution, it is impossible to tell the difference on anything above 1080p resolution on a 5″ screen and a larger, higher resolution screen would eat through battery life more quickly. It has been rumoured that a separate HTC One M9 Plus variant of the phone will be revealed along with the HTC One M9 and will come with a 5.2 – 5.5″ quad HD display (see below)
  • A 20.7MP rear facing camera including optical image stabilisation, auto-focus, HDR, panorama, 4K video capture and more. Many rumours have suggested that the rear camera will feature a Sony sensor similar to the ones found on the recent Sony Xperia Z line of phones. The front-facing shooter is expected to feature a 4MP (ultrapixel) sensor for high quality selfies, especially in low-light
  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 system chip and an octa-core, 1550 MHz, ARM Cortex-A57 and ARM Cortex-A53, 64-bit processor, which will take phone processing capabilities to new levels
  • Adreno 430 GPU
  • 3GB of DDR3 (or possibly DDR4) RAM which will allow for the smooth running of large, simultaneous apps
  • 32GB of internal storage, expandable by up to an additional 128GB via an external SD card. This will allow ample storage for a large number of high resolution images and 4K videos captured with the upgraded camera hardware
  • 2,900-mAh battery that is likely to give over 14 hours (4G) talk time
  • Other rumoured features include Dolby sound, LTE-A (300Mbps), Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC

The overall design of the phone is expected to be similar to the HTC One M8 with an aluminium unibody, boom sound speakers, similar dimensions and a slightly lighter weight of 158g. The main difference in appearance is on the back, with a larger, square shaped opening for the larger camera sensor.  While this may not be quite as sleek as the previous versions of the phone, many consumers will feel this is a small price to pay for an improved, higher resolution camera – the 4MP (ultrapixel) rear facing camera has been the biggest disappointment for most current HTC One owners.  The other was the lack of expandable storage, which HTC put right in last year’s model.

Perhaps the only other thing some consumers would be wishing for on the HTC One M9 is a removable battery, but this would be virtually impossible on a metal unibody design.

For those who prefer a larger screen ‘phablet’ device, then it is rumoured that a HTC One M9 Plus variant will also be revealed on 2nd March and will come with a 5.2″ or 5.5″ quad HD display, dual rear-facing camera (like on the M8), fingerprint scanner and a different chipset.

Expected Price of the HTC One M9

Prices are likely to start at around £600 / US$900 / AU$950 for the 32GB 5″ model and of course, it will be available on most major carriers on a 24-monthly contract. The larger variant is likely to cost around 10% more.

What do you expect or want to see on the new HTC One M9? Larger battery? Smaller bezels?  Or will you be more interested to see other phone launches such as the Samsung Galaxy S6?

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