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The Best iPhone 6 Cases 2015

iPhone 6 Case
iPhone 6 Case

As Apple continues to release new and improved versions of the iPhone, the competition for protecting those phones has become quite fierce. There are now thousands of different options for iPhone 6 owners to choose from. With all these options, it can get a bit difficult to decipher exactly which ones are the best.

Here’s a look at a few of the best iPhone 6 cases on the market today:

Otterbox Defender Series Case

The Otterbox brand has built a reputation as one of the toughest and most durable smartphone cases in the world. Their defender series cases provide the highest level of protection available within the variety of iPhone 6 covers on the market.

otterbox defender case

This high level of protection is expensive, however, with costs reaching into the $50-$60 range. The brand recognition and reputation for protection has allowed Otterbox to offer their products at these prices, although it has called into question whether they’re really worth their price.

The triple layer, ultra rugged cases are designed to prevent any type of harm to the smartphone and they also have a screen protector that prevents scratches or scrapes on that end. Considering the price of the iPhone 6 has now reached over the $800 threshold, these defender series Otterbox cases should certainly be considered by any smartphone owner looking to protect their phone long term.

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Marblue Elite Case

The Marblue Elite case is one of the more interesting cases on the market. It combines a unique, interesting design with an impact resistant PC shell. The case also has shock absorbing rubber details and lining to protect damage when the phone has been dropped.

The major thing that makes the Marblue Elite Case one of the best covers available is the grip that it provides for users. It’s also a great value, with a price tag right around the $30 range. For iPhone 6 owners looking for a great value with solid protection and a unique design, the Marblue Elite case is definitely the way to go.

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CandyShell Speck Inked Case

Speck is proud of their case’s high level of protection and are quick to mention that it has continually been drop tested to meet military standards. Those who are thinking about going with the CandyShell case will be happy to know that Speck offers a one year warranty on their cases.

The thing that really puts the CandyShell Inked case at a high level is the incredibly unique design. You would be hard pressed to find a similar construction on another high quality protective brand.

As far as pricing, the CandyShell Speck case will set you back about $40, which is comparable with most other similar quality cases. The high quality guarantee combines with a trendy design to make for what is definitely one of the better iPhone 6 covers available.

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Honorable Mention:

Tudia Bumper Case – Simple and original design while providing great protection for the price ($40). Also has one of the better grips of any of the iPhone 6 cases on the market.