Olay Regenerist Rehydrating UV Lotion 75ml

Olay Regenerist Rehydrating UV Lotion 75ml
Olay Regenerist Rehydrating UV Lotion 75ml
Olay Regenerist Rehydrating UV Lotion 75ml


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Directions: Pump a small amount on to fingers and apply in an upward stroking action to face and neck.
Longevity: Used sparingly, this product can last a couple of months.
Fast Acting: There is an instant rehydrating effect. The skin feels less taut and the product's light-diffusing ingredients minimise the appearance of fine lines on the face.
The Packaging: Basic but practical outer packaging. The product itself is in a plastic pump.
Fragrance: Light fragrance which is not unpleasant.
Safety: No evident safety issues but avoid contact with the eyes.

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Non-greasy, lightweight, reasonably priced, absorbs well.


Product is perfumed, SPF is quite low (15).

Bottom Line

Nice lightweight moisturising lotion which also offers some UV protection. Ideal as an under-foundation product, which if applied regularly once daily, will diminish the appearance of fine lines and stop the skin feeling taut and dry.

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Full Review

Full Review


This is a nice lightweight lotion which, after cleansing the face, instantly moisturises the skin. When considering new skin products, I have to keep in mind that my skin is sensitive and therefore mustn’t contain overly fragranced or harsh ingredients. I have however experienced no problem with this product and I enjoy applying it each morning, as I know my skin will feel less taut and will be protected, to some extent, from harmful UV rays. An increasing number of moisturisers are now introducing sun protection factors in their ingredients, which is nice to know as we often have a rushed lifestyle and may forget to apply two separate products.

This lotion does have a fragrance but it’s not too noticeable and not at all unpleasant. If it’s a really nice smelling facial product you’re after, try Olay Regenerist 3-point treatment cream, although that is more expensive and is a heavier cream in texture. Out of choice, I would prefer a non-perfumed product as it is less likely to contribute towards irritated skin and also doesn’t detract from the perfume you choose to wear.

Olay Regenerist Lotion acts as a good base for foundation, particularly if you have time to leave it on your skin for 20 minutes or so first, to allow it to absorb. I only ever re-apply the lotion after swimming or if I’m going out in the evening and have washed my face again. Otherwise the moisturising effect lasts until bedtime, when an alternative night cream is applied which doesn’t need the sunscreen.

The lotion absorbs well and as long as you use it sparingly, will not leave the skin at all tacky or with a greasy residue. The main ingredients are beneficial to the skin (amino peptides, niacinamide and antioxidants) and it compares favourably to other products on the market such as Clarins and Clinique which boast the same benefits but are at least twice the price.

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