Olay Regenerist 3 Point Age-Defying Treatment Cream 50ml

Olay Regenerist 3-Point Age Defying Treatment Cream
Olay Regenerist 3-Point Age Defying Treatment Cream
Olay Regenerist 3-Point Age Defying Treatment Cream


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Directions: Apply evenly over neck, jawline and around eyes
Longevity: Long lasting as only a small quantity is needed
Fast Acting: Immediate moisturising effect, in the longer term - firming benefits
The Packaging: Attractive red jar, a little heavy to take travelling.
Fragrance: Pleasant fragrance which would not overwhelm a perfume used separately
Safety: Although product is meant to be used around eyes, there is a warning to say do not get it in your eyes. I prefer to use an alternative sensitive eye cream as this one makes my eye area a little swollen, particularly if applied at bedtime.

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Firming effect, good moisturiser, economical to buy and you need to use very little


Too many unknown ingredients, heavy jar

Bottom Line

A good quality moisturising and firming product for the ladies which, used regularly, makes the skin on the face, jawline and neck softer, firmer and younger looking. Intended also the the eye area, I recommend that people with sensitive skin use an alternative product for this particularly delicate area.

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Olay Regenerist 3-Point Age Defying Treatment Cream

This product elicits a lot of positive reviews from other customers and for this reason alone, I thought I would give it a try. Its name is derived from the 3 points of the body most prone to show ageing i.e. around the eyes, the neck and the jawline. It is a highly perfumed cream so I prefer not to use it around my eyes as I am susceptible to eczema and the ‘plumping’ effect makes my eyes puffy but I’m nevertheless very impressed with the results in the other areas. I like to also use the cream on the delicate décolletage area.

The product comes in a posh red glass pot although this makes it a little cumbersome to take with you if travelling. It does however look good on a dressing table and would make a nice present for someone. You need very little of this thick cream and therefore it is quite economical to use. I think if you used too much, it would be hard to absorb and would remain tacky on the skin. In some ways, it is better that the product is in a pot, as you can choose how much to use for yourself, instead of having too much on your hands if using a tube or pump with a predetermined quantity.

I must be quite lucky but whenever I am ready to purchase some more, it seems to be on a special offer, making it even better value.
I find the long list of ingredients a little daunting (somewhere in the region of sixty!) Laymen (like me) wouldn’t be able to distinguish one from another and if you were allergic to one of them, it would be hard to identify which particular one was the culprit. I’m happy though, as long as a beauty product has the desired effect, and this one does. It makes my skin lovely and soft and fine smile lines around the mouth diminish with regular use. Having taken others’ advice, I apply it to my face after washing thoroughly in warm water. It seems to have more of a beneficial effect and absorbs more effectively when used in this way. Having very sensitive skin, I have been pleased that I have suffered no ill effects and would happily recommend it as being one of the best moisturisers I have ever used.

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