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Nivea Creme
Nivea Creme
Nivea Creme


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Directions: For topical use only. Apply a small amount on the skin using your fingertips and massage gently until fully absorbed.
Longevity: A 200 ml jar of Nivea Creme may last up to a month. It depends how often the buyer uses the product.
Fast Acting: Immediate hydration of the skin.
The Packaging: Round plastic jar.
Fragrance: Specific Nivea perfume.
Effectiveness: Ideal cream for cracked, dry skin. Nourishes and moisturizes efficiently.
Safety: There have been no reported safety issues with this product.

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Affordable, efficient moisturizing and nourishing cream.


The Nivea Cream does feature a heavy, rather oily blend, which means it doesn't absorb instantly into the skin.

Bottom Line

The Nivea Creme is a signature product of the brand. It packs potent nourishing ingredients and it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

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Nivea Creme

Also known as “the mother of all creams”, Nivea Crème came out for the first time in 1911. The product has the most famous and familiar scent of all nourishing creams available in the marketplace. In fact, the tantalizing flagrance is what makes the Nivea Crème so recognized, and most people would be able to identify it solely by the smell.

Thanks to an exceptional combination of Vaseline, wax, glycerin and minerals oil, Nivea Crème is suitable for all types of skin. Appropriate for men and women alike, it moisturizes and hydrates dry skin. What’s unique about this brand in particular is that it offers quality at an affordable price. Nivea is one of the world’s most famous skincare companies, and also one of the most convenient.

The rich moisturizer softens and smoothes, and the packaging is rather simple, although the striking blue color of the jar does appeal to people’s senses and can’t go unnoticed. As for the cream itself, we must say that it’s solid and thick. This means it is more suitable for nighttime use. In spite of a somewhat oily and heavy blend, the ingredients contained in the Nivea Crème have amazing nourishing properties. It can be used on numerous areas of the body, including the face, hands, feet, elbows and more.

Those with dryer skin will love this product. It absorbs really quickly and after several uses the effects are visible.  Active ingredients contained in the Nivea Crème are glycerin, citric acid, perfume, various mineral oils, wax and Vaseline among others. Millions have already tried the Nivea cream; from an objective perspective, it’s safe to say that it is one of today’s most commercialized moisturizing products. It comes at an affordable prices and it does exactly what it claims to do.

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