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Directions: Apply daily. Best used after a shower or bath.
Longevity: About 30 days depending on how often you plan on using it.
Fast Acting: Immediate smoothing and softening of the skin.
The Packaging: 16 ounce plastic bottle.
Fragrance: Light, pleasant smell. There's also a fragrance-free variant.
Effectiveness: Excellent skin moisturizer and nourisher.
Safety: There's no mentioning that the product was dermatologically tested. Nevertheless, Neutrogena claims the body oil is suitable for women with all types of skin.

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Moisturizing body oil. Efficient product that leaves the skin looking radiant and feeling soft. Fragrance-free.


May have an unpleasant smell if the buyer is overly sensitive to odour.

Bottom Line

The Neutrogena Body Oil is a moisturizer like no other. It is not greasy and it blends instantly. Also, it makes the skin look radiant and feel silky smooth. Ultimately, it comes is two variants: scented and fragrance.-free.

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neutrogena body oil

Neutrogena’s latest Body Oil is a skincare product meant to moisturize and hydrate your body. It is made from a delicate sesame formula that absorbs into the skin almost instantly. After using this lotion, your skin will feel nourished, smooth and silky soft. Using body oil as a skin moisturizer is pretty uncommon, which is why Neutrogena’s formula is so interesting. The product is extremely light in consistency and it is not sticky at all. In fact, it blends delicately and it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and looking radiant.

Use only a few drops and spread gently onto the skin with your hands. The Neutrogena Body Oil smells really nice and it is fragrance-free. The sesame seed content helps seal in moisture, so after using this lotion your body will be incredibly smooth. The effect lasts for a full day, and even if we’re talking about oil, the product doesn’t stain your clothes in any way and it is not greasy.

Most skin moisturizers that are available as creams are too fatty. A lot of women hate this aspect because they have to rub the cream for minutes before getting absorbed into the skin. With Neutrogena Body Oil you can forget all about this annoying process. Use it after you’ve taken a shower, on the wet skin, and the overall effect will exceed all your expectations.

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