Clinique CC Cream

clinique cc cream
clinique cc cream
clinique cc cream


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Directions: Apply on the clean skin using a make-up brush, sponge or your fingertips. Blend in until the face looks uniform.
Longevity: Up to 2 weeks.
Fast Acting: Boosts radiance, hydrates, protects and moisturizes.
The Packaging: 1.4 oz tube, no pump.
Fragrance: Fragrance-free
Effectiveness: Suitable for women with tired, washed off skin. Boosts the natural glow of the complexion and provides light coverage.

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Excellent quality face cream; SPF 30, fragrance-free.


Feels rather thick when applied on the skin. Doesn't distinguish itself from other similar products on the market.

Bottom Line

Clinique’s CC Cream claims to enhance the skin’s natural glow, while also protecting it from the damaging sun. It contains SPF 30, as well as potent hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.

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clinique cc cream

Created to boost the natural radiance of the skin, Clinique’s CC Cream provides instant hydration and daily sun protection. With a SPF30, this product fights damaging UV rays and deals with light aging signs such as fine lines. The oil-free product claims to be the perfect combination between a sunscreen and a moisturizing cream. Clinique has decades of experience in the skincare niche, and over the years they’ve developed hundreds of innovative creams, makeup products, and lotions for men and women alike.

The latest CC Cream adds extra glow to the skin. The lightweight formula corrects light skin imperfections such as dullness and redness, as well as more serious skin issues like breakouts and unpleasant zips. Featuring a palette of versatile shades, selecting the best nuances out of the many undertones has never been easier. Versatile and easy to apply, Clinique’s CC Cream is the ultimate skincare product for your complexion.

The cream can be used as a light foundation or it can be applied over your preferred moisturizer. The product is fragrance-free and it reminds of the numerous BB creams currently available in the marketplace. Clinique adds a personal touch to its cream by including a mix of minerals into the composition. Thus, your face will have a natural glow and it will be fully protected thanks to the SPF30 attribute. The product’s satin-like finish makes the skin look uniform, soft and incredibly matte. The coverage is medium, but that’s enough considering the Clinique CC Cream is not a foundation, but a lotion meant to boost your face’s natural features without making it look overly charged.

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