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Directions: Use twice daily for a minimum of 3 months, massage in circular movements until completely absorbed.
Longevity: Being an oil, the product will last for ages.
Fast Acting: The product provides instant rehydration and skin looks more healthy and glowing.
The Packaging: Plastic bottle with dispenser to avoid an excess coming out when you tip the bottle.
Fragrance: Strong but pleasant fragrance.
Effectiveness: Results vary between consumers but most effective for stretch marks and as a moisturiser for very dry skin.
Safety: Don’t use on broken skin, Only apply to healed wounds.

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Great moisturiser on face and body, Non-greasy, Quickly absorbed


Patience and persistence needed, Not everyone notices a difference, Fragrant product

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A well-known product for minimising the appearance of scars and stretch marks, producing varied results. Also used for uneven skin tone and as a treatment for very dry or ageing skin.

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Bio-Oil, which first hit the US market in 2002, is now a very well-known product and claims to have many uses. It contains a “breakthrough” trademarked ingredient called PurCellin Oil, an artificial replication of the type of oil found in the preen gland of ducks and other water fowl, to which very few experience any side-effects or nasty reactions. Of the thirty or so ingredients, many are natural or beneficial to the skin.

The product is designed to minimise scarring caused through surgery, insect bites, acne, injuries and pregnancy stretch marks. The manufacturers explain that while the body recovers from its particular trauma, a scar forms as a natural part of the healing process and occurs owing to insufficient collagen being present at the location of the wound. Bio-Oil, whilst never able to wholly eliminate the scar, is said to vastly improve the appearance of scars over time. It also professes to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, to make ageing skin look younger and it moisturises dry skin too. To its long list of miracle remedies, lately it has added that it smoothes and tones sagging and wrinkly skin on the face as well as the body.

Being of a sceptical nature, I bought some of this wonder treatment as it’s not too expensive if you buy wisely, in order to see if I could improve a scar left from an old mosquito bite and to reduce the rosiness in my cheeks, which I presume is the meaning of ‘uneven skin tone’. I religiously used Bio-Oil for the next six months twice a day to no avail, the scar from the bite is just as visible and pronounced as before. I am however going to persist with the product as a treatment for rosy cheeks and ageing skin, as it gives my face a healthy glow and purely because so many swear by it if you’re willing to persist with the treatment. It suggests it is suitable for sensitive skin but having dabbed a little on a patch of eczema, within minutes it was itching and redder than before. I put this down to its highly perfumed formula. It is great however to use as an after-shower moisturiser and its effects are even better if applied to slightly damp skin.

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