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SlimFast Powder
SlimFast Powder


Product Side Effects: No long-term side effect though transient effects may include constipation, headache, loose stools, hunger, gas and bloating and abdominal discomfort.
Product Taste: Nice creamy flavour for a diet shake.
Product Value For Money: Good value.
Product Packaging: Can contains enough for 12 meals (i.e. 6 days).
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Good range of flavours, suppresses hunger, experienced dieticians.


Tastes like a diet food, needs an electric whisk.

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A tasty and simple way to help you lose weight, used in conjunction with a balanced evening meal.

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This is always the first name you think of when comtemplating a diet. Slim-Fast has been around since 1977, so they should have sufficient experience to help us lose weight. Their range of milk shakes was originally limited to just 3 flavours and advocated, ‘a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, then a sensible dinner’. Along with a vast array of other low calorie products, from meal replacement bars to snacks and ready-to-drink shakes, nowadays Slim-Fast is more flexible and have regained their reputation since the recall of canned products in 2009 owing to potential bacterial contamination. They are owned by the reputable company Unilever, and research carried out in 2003 has shown that the product is successful in long-term weight loss, provided the diet is followed according to their recommendations.

The milk shake powders come in tantalising-sounding flavours such as Rich Chocolate, Simply Vanilla, Caramel Temptation, Café Latte, Summer Strawberry and Blissful Banana, depending from where you purchase them. They never quite reach the spot like a McDonald’s milkshake, so unfortunately you can never forget you’re on a diet. Each 438g can contains enough for 12 meals, of 230 calories each.

They are however good at suppressing hunger and taken twice daily, with 3 small snacks alongside, do get you by until your (small and nutritionally-balanced) evening meal, by which time admittedly your body is yearning for something other than a shake … hence their 3-2-1 Plan (3 snacks, 2 shakes and 1 small evening meal).

High in protein and low in carbohydrates, you should try and include the other food groups such as vitamins and fibre into your evening meal.

The product is easy to mix but vastly improved if an electric whisk is used, to eliminate any powdery residue being left in the glass.

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