The Wanted: Word of Mouth

The Wanted: Word of Mouth
The Wanted: Word of Mouth
The Wanted: Word of Mouth


Genre: ,
Length: 48:30
Release Date: 1 November 2013
Producer: Antonyo Smith, Steve Mac, Dr Luke, Cirkut, Electric, Ki Fitzgerald, Chris Young, Gary Clark, Fraser T Smith, Harry Sommerdahl, DEEKAY, Sonny J Mason
Track Listing: 1. We Own The Night 2. In The Middle 3. Running Out Of Reasons 4. I Found You 5. Show Me Love (America) 6. Walks Like Rihanna 7. Summer Alive 8. Love Sewn 9. Glow In The Dark 10. Demons 11. Could This Be Love 12. Everybody Knows 13. Heartbreak Story 14. Chasing The Sun
Singles: Chasing The Sun, Walks Like Rihanna, We Own The Night, Show Me Love (America), Glow In The Dark



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There are some great pop and dance tracks to bounce around to.


This album doesn’t need power ballads: they’ve been done before, and done better.

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“Word Of Mouth” opens with the lively, electro-pop number “We Own The Night”. It’s not as uplifting as it wants to be, partly because it’s difficult to get past how whiny the singer sounds even when he’s apparently joyful. “In The Middle” attempts some depth with orchestral strings, but the thumping beat and bouncy chorus bring it back to standard pop. It’s certainly danceable, but nothing special. The third track, “Running Out Of Reasons”, slows things down but still maintains a lively tempo. At this point in the album it starts to feel like The Wanted originally planned a record full of ballads, then panicked and put in a load of poppy beats. Things head into full-on dance territory on “I Found You”, with a welcome touch of Basement Jaxx influence in the beats. It’s the first song on the album that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than an enjoyable slice of pop, which is nice.

“Show Me Love (America)” brings out the strings again and quickly becomes a boy band power ballad. There’s nice work on the ensemble vocals, and it has an engaging tempo. Track six, “Walks Like Rihanna”, jumps into territory reminiscent of One Direction (or Busted, if anyone remembers them). It’s an enjoyable song, and I can imagine the chorus prompting a few singalongs. “Summer Alive” is a lively dance number. This song is upbeat, fun, and best listened to in a crowded club. “Love Sewn”, unfortunately, is a return to ballad territory. The lyrics are crooned over a mid-tempo beat, and the overall impression is a little whiny.

Electro-pop makes a welcome comeback on “Glow In The Dark”, which is more funky than the preceding dance numbers. This track seems to be aiming for a David Guetta feel, and it succeeds for the most part. “Demons” bounces along at a nice rhythm, and has an enjoyable chorus. “Could This Be Love” aims for The Script-style passion and charm but fails to rise above average boy band fare. “Everybody Knows” is a rather sweet ballad, heavy on the piano, and it’s not without charm. Unfortunately the tale of the famous man who has it all but is suffering from a broken heart isn’t new, and the song isn’t particularly memorable.

“Word of Mouth” ends with “Heartbreak Story” and “Chasing the Sun”. “Heartbreak Story” is another melodic, piano-driven ballad about love lost, and fails to really take off. “Chasing The Sun” lifts the mood with a driving beat. It’s a dance worthy track, and a great way to round off the album.

If you are a big fan of The Wanted, a deluxe edition of “Word of Mouth” is available. It features five extra tracks: “If We’re Alright”, “Only You”, “Drunk On Love”, “Read My Mind”, and “Satellite”. “If We’re Alright” is a cheerful, pounding piece of electro-pop. “Only You” is also pretty cheerful, and marries a dance beat with some well-placed drums. “Drunk On Love” is a little cheesy, but it’s an inoffensive piece of poppy dance. “Read My Mind” and “Satellite” finish up the album with, respectively, a piano-heavy ballad and a bouncing pop track. These extra tracks don’t add a great deal to the overall experience, but fans will be happy to have them.

On the whole, it seems like The Wanted should stick to electro-pop and dance. Their attempts at ballads and melodic pop fall flat, partly due to a lack of sincerity and partly due to the fact that it’s all been done before. If you’re a fan of The Wanted, then you will enjoy this album. If you aren’t, it isn’t likely to convert you.

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