The Vamps – Meet the Vamps



Label: ,
Length: 48:63
Release Date: April 14, 2014
Producer: TMS, Espionage, Bruno Mars
Track Listing: 1. Wild Heart 2. Last Night 3. Somebody to You 4. Can We Dance 5. Girls on TV 6. Risk It All 7. Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) 8. Another World 9. Move My Way 10. Shout About It 11. High Hopes 12. She Was the One 13. Dangerous 14. Lovestruck 15. Smile
Singles: Can We Dance, Wild Heart, Last Night



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Energetic album with really nice lyrics and upbeat sounds. The Vamps are in trend right now, and they're particularly adored by teens.


Some would agree that The Vamps are too similar to One Direction, and that their music style is not quite original.

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The Vamps are a British pop band that has just released their debut album, called Meet the Vamps. There are three singles on the album that have hit the top 3 in the UK, including “Wild Heart”, “Can We Dance”, and “Last Night”. The album came out on April 14, 2014, and opened in the number 2 position on the charts in the UK and Ireland.

The founders of The Vamps, Brad Simpson and James McVey, met on YouTube a few years ago, and the two of them decided to record some music together. The group became a foursome later, when they added Connor Ball and Tristan Evans. After building a loyal base of fans via YouTube, the group signed with Mercury Records in late 2012, and began work on the album that is now Meet the Vamps.

The band faces a lot of competition in the British pop-rock field, and some critics have said that it’s hard to distinguish their unique style, which sounds quite similar (especially on some tracks) to other bands like One Direction. Though they do need to develop their own style and their own voice, this is a debut album and it shows a lot of promise. The group comes up with some high-energy songs and memorable tunes, that have definitely shown the ability to strike a chord with listeners.

The guitar-strumming pop style of The Vamps is hugely popular right now, and other groups in the genre have been seeing tremendous success. The Vamps carry their bouncy style and high energy output through the album, and they mingle that with catchy tunes that keep running through your head later. The first single, “Can We Dance,” shows all the energy, exuberance, and ambition of youth, with a lively brass section. This hit single debuted at the number two position on the UK Singles Charts, in September 2013, falling just behind OneRepublic.

The second single from the album was “Wild Heart”. This one has a slightly folksier feel to it, but has the same energetic style that makes listeners want to sing along. The third single was “Last Night”. One listen to this song, and its memorable line will stay with you. Both of these two singles also reached the top 3 on the UK charts.

Other songs on the album include a countrified version of “Somebody to You”, and a Hawaiian tinged rendition of “Girls on TV”, which included Rihanna and Beyonce. “Shout About It” is takes a turn from most of the album, with a slower pace and a smooth style.

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