The Neighbourhood: I Love You

The Neighbourhood, I Love You
The Neighbourhood, I Love You
The Neighbourhood, I Love You


Genre: ,
Length: 45:50 minutes.
Release Date: 22nd April, 2013.
Producer: Justin Pilbrow, Emile Haynie.
Track Listing:
1. How
2. Afraid
3. Everybody's Watching Me (Uh Oh)
4. Sweater Weather
5. Let It Go
6. Alleyways
7. W.D.Y.W.F.M.?
8. Flawless
9. Female Robbery
10. Staying Up
11. Float
Singles: Female Robbery, Sweater Weather, Let It Go, Afraid.



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Generally, this album by The Neighbourhood demonstrates complete expressionism targeted at the “grunge” adolescence audience. It also has a very calming melodious pattern but more aggressive lyrics, yet flows perfectly.


The beat throughout most songs tend to be repetitive and sound alike. Although it sounds beautiful, it gets old fast.

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‘I Love You’, the debut album by the indie rock band The Neighbourhood provides a kick-start in the alternative rock music industry.

After their first two EPs, I’m Sorry… and Thank You, not much recognition was viewed upon the band, however the first full length album entitled I Love You shows the maturity and progression of the band. The group as a whole is influenced by each other which creates a new meaning for the band, and puts them on a higher bar comparing to the exclusive hot topics of music icons.

The Neighbourhood started off as a bunch of young individuals playing in similar bands, yet they were all friends. One day they decided to create their own band and creating something that hasn’t been heard before. The success of the band is evoked by their originality, which we can see in the simple titles of the albums. Ex-member, Bryan Sammis says in an interview that each title of their album is a saying that gradually lost meaning over the years, and they try to regain the meaning throughout the story of the songs in each EP/album. All the songs in the album has that said “small” story that creates one grand piece when looking at the album as a whole. Each of these songs could be a backbone for many individuals just because of how its stories is easily recognisable in all of us. Due to the relevance of the lyrical aspect of each song, along with the amazing melodious patterns that can be responsive to a more “catchy” tune, The Neighbourhoods first album became a big hit.

Now let’s rewind back in time to see the rise of the band comparing the beginning to the end. In the two EPs I’m Sorry… and Thank You the band made their debut with the titles of the album (as previously mentioned). However generally speaking, their first songs in Thank You were mainly about the adolescence life in the west coast and being different than the rest of the crowd. Additionally, their first songs included some mixed covers of top hits such as Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake and Say My Name by Destiny’s Child and amazingly mixing the lyrics in a mash. This was considered the start of the new beginning for the band by gaining much success with the breakthrough of this mashup, where they became even more so recognized because of how they changed the melodies. Whilst the songs started off the theme of the band, it continued the story in I Love You to a more adult approach.

Songs in the newest album that demonstrate the traditional band could be simply redefined in the lyrics of Sweater Weather and Afraid because of the simplicity of the concept, but also found its ground-breaking success through its relevance. However, the bands tried songs that have a deeper meaning and is not so traditional such as the song Wires (a deeper meaning that’s relatable to the more upset audience). Each song is approaching the adolescent audience, but each song is targeting a different (stereotypical) teen that could be having a parade of emotions from lust to love to anger, but also the different ways to approach their feelings (the more calm manner being Sweater Weather whilst a less subtle approach such as Wires).

Lastly, the success of the album was a definite result from the theme of the band. Their theme symbolizes mainly an artistic/poetic approach, which we obviously see in the songs with their meanings, the titles of the pieces, but also the imagery the band displays. The band displays everything in black and white which demonstrates their overall theme. They became an original and successful band through this, because while black and white is the platform for their music to be heard on, the band also says “basically, just honesty in terms of black and white. It’s not sugar-coated or anything. It’s just kind of right there.  That’s what we try to do with our s**t, is just be honest about how we all feel about stuff. It’s our honest opinions through playing guitar or me singing or writing the words that I want and feeling a certain way. It’s just our honest input on something. And you know, lyrically, for me, putting something out that is – there’s no bulls**t going on. It’s just kind of straightforward, how I felt when I wrote the song, and that’s what you’re gonna get. I think that’s important too. I think we just mix things together in our music.” (interview with The Neighbourhood from the Chicago Music Magazine).

All in all, the album I Love You became the hot topic of the music industry, but also the discussion of many of the social climbing teens of our generation. Through this, they have barely reached the peak of their fame, and we can be excited for what they have in store for us.

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