Sam Bailey – The Power Of Love



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Label: ,
Length: 64:35
Release Date: 21 March 2014
Producer: Graham Stack, Matt Furmidge, Ray Hedges, Nigel Butler
Track Listing: 1. The Power of Love 2. From This Moment On 3. There You'll Be 4. And I Am Telling You - Sam Bailey Duet with Nicole Scherzinger 5. Compass 6. Lord Is It Mine 7. Get Here 8. Treasure 9. Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Sam Bailey Duet with Michael Bolton 10. Superwoman 11. Skyscraper
Singles: Compass, Skyscraper



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Sam Bailey certainly has a beautiful voice and also has of a lot of power to back it up.


One downside to the album is there is not enough songs for Sam with a gentle touch… the slower and quieter ones. She certainly possesses the voice for such type of songs, but maybe Sam and her management “Mr. Cowell” are saving that for album number two.

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Winner of the tenth series of the X-Factor Sam Bailey has made her debut album The Power Of Love.

The album features Sam’s singles “Skyscraper” and “Compass”, the album shot straight to number on upon release.

There are a couple of purposely written songs for Sam on this album,however, unlike other X factor winners, the majority of the album are covers. This is not a criticism, however, as the songs are well chosen to suit her voice, which can best be described as a  powerful, Celine Dion type voice,There are a couple of duets also featured on the album, one with Nicole Scherzinger “And I Am Telling You” and the other with Michael Bolton “Ain‘t No Mountain High Enough“. Of the two duets featured on the album the one that shines out is Sam and Michael Bolton’s, their voices compliment one another astonishingly well to say the least.

After Sam swept the nation off their feet on the X-Factor with her powerfully outstanding voice she left us all wanting to hear more and more, this album certainly delivers just that, and more. But even after listing to the album from sleeve to sleeve we are left in the exact same dilemma, we want more.

Its fair to say that some critics are suggesting that this album may have been rushed out to cash  in on her X-factor win and that it contains ‘cheesy’ covers of obscure love songs. However, its worth noting that both Nicole Sherzinger and Michael Bolton actually chose to collaborate with her on the album. Additionally, she also had the honour of being chosen as the supporting act to Beyonce. If well established popular artists like these have faith in her ability, then this surely speaks volumes. This album is also appealing to a wider cross generational audience as it contains  a variety of covers of powerful soulful ballads. Most notably the cover of 80’s singer Jennifer Rush’s The Power Of Love,which is the title of the album.

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Claire Totty


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