Pharrell Williams – G I R L

Pharrell Williams G I R L
Pharrell Williams G I R L
Pharrell Williams G I R L


Genre: , ,
Label: ,
Length: 46:54
Release Date: March 3, 2014
Producer: Pharrell Williams
Track Listing: 1. Marilyn Monroe (written by Williams and Ann-Marie Calhoun) 2. Brand New (duet with Justin Timberlake) 3. Hunter 4. Gush 5. Happy (from Despicable Me 2) 6. Come Get It Bae 7. Gust of Wind 8. Lost Queen (includes hidden track "Freq" with JoJo) 9. Know Who You Are (Alicia Keys duet) 10. It Girl
Singles: Happy, Marilyn Monroe, Come Get It Bae



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Upbeat album, really fun and energetic, perfect for fans of soul and R&B music.


If you're not into soul, funk or R&B, you might want to look someplace else.

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Pharrell Williams has a second solo album out now, called G I R L. When he introduced it, people were wondering whether this album would be in the uptempo, carefree style of his current huge hit, Happy. From the soundtrack to Despicable Me 2, that song has been topping charts worldwide. Though Happy is the lead single for the new album, as the title G I R L would indicate, the overriding theme of this album is women.

In 2013, Williams was involved in a controversy over Blurred Lines, a track from Robin Thicke that he sang on. The lyrics of that song were rough enough that it alienated many women, and a number of universities banned the song from being played in their student unions. While he also had the good fortune to sing on Get Lucky, from Daft Punk, his year was certainly coloured by the controversy over Blurred Lines.

Fast forward, and this year Williams talked about the importance of women in his life, as he introduced his album with that focus. The singer said that women had been a major force for him, both in life and in music. This album, which says that it celebrates womankind, appears to be how he wants to reposition himself with women.

This isn’t a serious political album about feminism, however. Instead, it seems to be about the joy and happiness that Williams finds in the presence of women. There is certainly some lust and sex involved, but the overwhelming mood of the album is one of joy, and yes, happiness.

On Marilyn Monroe, Williams sings that he is looking for a different kind of girl, dismissing Cleopatra, or Joan of Arc. He also sings about the awe-inspiring feelings of being in love on the track Gust of Wind, which is a funky piece with some 70s feel to it, along with the robot voices from Daft Punk.

The theme of the album carries through to Lost Queen, an amazing song that talks of love and devotion. This track uses a set of African rhythms, and has a male chorus that will remind some listeners of Graceland. On the experimental side of the album, this track also incorporates the sound of crashing waves for over a minute, before it gets to a hidden track, called Freq. Williams teams up with Alicia Keys for a lovely duet called I Know Who You Are, a song with a bit of a reggae lilt to it, and an inspirational message that women should help each other until all the women of the earth are free.

The sheer joy that Pharrell Williams feels definitely comes through on the album, especially on the last track, called It Girl. As the guitar riffs soar on the lengthy instrumental fade, and cowbells clank in the background, you can tell that the singer is having fun with it. Whatever else G I R L expresses, the happiness and celebration of women shines through.

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