Paloma Faith – A Perfect Contradiction

Paloma Faith - A Perfect Contradiction
Paloma Faith - A Perfect Contradiction
Paloma Faith - A Perfect Contradiction


Genre: , , , ,
Length: 39:22
Release Date: 10th March 2014
Producer: Eric Appapoulay, Chris Braide, AC Burrell, G'harah Degeddingseze, Mr Hudson, Stuart Matthewman, Kieron Mcintosh, Dave Okumu, Plan B, Steve Robson, Raphael Saadiq, Taura Stinson, Kyle Townsend, Dylan Wiggins, Pharrell Williams
Track Listing: 1. Can’t Rely On You 2. Mouth To Mouth 3. Take Me 4. Only Love Can Hurt Like This 5. Other Woman 6. Taste My Own Tears 7. Trouble With My Baby 8. The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall) 9. Impossible Heart 10. Love Only Leaves You Lonely 11. It’s The Not Knowing
Singles: Can’t Rely On You, Only Love Can Hurt Like This



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This album is joyful throughout and showcases a wide-ranging talent. Paloma Faith experiments confidently with a range of different genres, and the risk pays off.


While this album does a lot with the theme of lost or broken love, it keeps the ballads to a minimum. Sometimes, despite the lyrics, it seems to lack depth.

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After her two double platinum albums, “Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?” and “Fall To Grace”, fans of Paloma Faith rightly have high expectations for her third offering. The quirky star, originally from Hackney, has been riding a great career wave with a total of three BRIT Award nominations since her first album release in 2009. “A Perfect Contradiction” takes her music in a more upbeat direction than her previous work, and the results are impressive.

Opening track “Can’t Rely On You” is funk-heavy and lively, with Faith’s trademark husky vocals enticing the listener to get up and dance alongside the notable presence of producer Pharrell Williams. It is easy to see why this was a single choice. “Mouth To Mouth” is an upbeat disco number straight out of the 1970’s, making great use of funky bass and melodic piano. It’s not particularly distinctive from the other disco pop around, but it’s an enjoyable song. Track three, “Take Me”, heads into jazzy, lively territory with a hint of soul. By this point in the album it would be astonishing if you haven’t danced at least a little to each song. Things slow down a little with “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”, a soulful ballad that evokes Dusty Springfield and Amy Winehouse in equal measure. As a second single, this number is effective in showing that Faith still has the emotional range she displayed on her first two albums.

“A Perfect Contradiction” re-enters disco territory with the stomping “Other Woman” as Faith rages at the lady who has led her lover astray. The lyrics aren’t exactly empowering, but it has a great rhythm. “Taste My Own Tears” heads back to the 1960’s with a full chorus of doo wop backing singers and an up-tempo R&B melody. It’s clear that Faith is making her way through a range of influences, and so far they are all working for her. “Trouble With My Baby” restores the funk sound from earlier tracks, making great use of horns and strong percussion. This is another track guaranteed to send you swinging around the dance floor. “The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)” is another low-key, soulful number that calls Dusty Springfield to mind while retaining a modern sound.

“Impossible Heart” is a Donna Summer-style slice of disco and funk that will make it hard not to tap your feet. In contrast, “Love Only Leaves You Lonely”, a melodic and mournful soul number, quickly becomes a full-blown ballad. The song is a little similar to “The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)” but holds its own well enough to earn its place on the track listing. “It’s The Not Knowing” rounds things off with a funky, pop-fuelled melody mourning a distant lover. It’s a great way to round off an album which places occasional sadness alongside funky rhythms.

Big fans of Ms Faith may consider purchasing the deluxe version of “A Perfect Contradiction”. If you do, you won’t find any new material, but there are live versions of “Can’t Rely On You”, “Trouble With My Baby”, “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”, and “It’s The Not Knowing”. These don’t add anything particularly interesting to the album, but do provide a nice touch for those who want some live material alongside the studio tracks. Overall, “A Perfect Contradiction” stays upbeat without becoming tedious or formulaic, and strides confidently from one genre and set of influences to another. If you buy this album, prepare to dance and sing along until you drop.

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