One Direction: Midnight Memories

One Direction – Midnight Memories
One Direction – Midnight Memories
One Direction – Midnight Memories


Label: ,
Length: 59 minutes.
Release Date: 25th November, 2013.
Producer: Julian Bunetta, Carl Falk, Tom Fletcher, Theodore Geiger, Danny Jones, Jacknife Lee, Dougie Poynter, Matt Rad, John Ryan, Jamie Scott, Toby Smith, Ryan Tedder.
Track Listing:
1. “Best Song Ever”
2. “Story of My Life”
3. “Diana”
4. “Midnight Memories”
5. “You and I”
6. “Don’t Forget Where You Belong”
7. “Strong”
8. “Happily”
9. “Right Now”
10. “Little Black Dress”
11. “Through the Dark”
12. “Something Great”
13. “Little White Lies”
14. “Better Than Words”

Bonus tracks:
15. “Why Don’t We Go There”
16. “Does He Know?”
17. “Alive”
18. “Half A Heart”
Singles: Best Song Ever, Story of My Life, Midnight Memories, You & I.



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There´s no doubt this album is for partying, and dancing, while melting girl’s hearts, and that, it sure does. After listening to this album, you'll find yourself humming some of these tunes later on.


About half way through the album, the songs kind of melt together, and it may get a bit trivial.

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“Best Song Ever” is secure Bubblegum-pop. It has a great beat, which just makes you want to dance. One Direction’s previous lead singles: “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Live While We’re Young” were both instant successes, so “Best Song Ever” sure had history on its side.  The three songs may even sound a bit alike.

“Story of My Life” is like the new “Little Things”, it´s a soft, acoustic-based, muted love song. “Diana” is more pop and upbeat, but keeps a hint of softness. The lyric, makes you wonder, whether or not this is written to the fans, the “Directioners”. But one thing is for sure; “Story of My Life” and “Diana” is made, to melt teenage-girls hearts.

“Midnight Memories” reminds us, One Direction has always had a slight hint of rock, and shows us big time, with the opening of groovy guitar beats, and a chorus made for sing-along.

“You & I, we don´t wanna be like them, we can make it ´till the end. Nothing can come between you and I. Not even the gods above can separate the two of us,” so goes the chorus to the sound of an acoustic guitar. “You and I” is perfect for a slow dance at Prom, maybe even as a background tune for the bride and grooms wedding dance? This Tune is the perfect, down beat, love song. – One of my favorites.

Knowing that these five young adults have spent the past year on the road makes it effortlessly clear why “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” had to come at some time. The mid-tempo, soft rock and impressive lyrics kind of leaves me with mixed feelings. The music gets a bit boring after these 4 minutes. That being said, the lyrics are important, and may appeal to the more mature audience.

“Strong” is the kind of song, every boyband, and soft rockers have pulled off before. Now it doesn´t disappoint, it´s most likely not the one you´re going to listen to on repeat over and over, but yet you don´t skip it on your playlist.

“Happily” brings me back to the album “Take Me Home” where almost every song is about wanting someone, who you can´t have, because they´re with someone else. With the chorus being the five guys singing in unison to a strong beat, this tune is definitely one if this albums catchiest songs.

“Right Now” May be an attempt to try and get to the more mature crowd, but without losing the teenagers. I´m in love with Zayn Malik´s high notes, and Niall Horan´s deep voice together, right before the first chorus, this is a song I would, and have listened to over and over again.

“Little Black Dress” brings the guitar riffs back, and this tune has the sound of the late 70´s. This song was recorded exclusively in a live setting, seeing the results: It could be interesting to continue this type of tune for One Direction in the future.

“Through the Dark” is like “Don´t Forget Where You Belong” with the fast acoustic strumming, only difference is the music more catchy, and the lyric is kind of unimportant. “Something Great” has similarities to a “Snow Patrol” tune: A reflective loving theme, and gentle, hopeful chorus.

“Little White Lies” brings us back to the typical boyband pop, it even has some electronic sounds to the steady beat. “Better Than Words” tells us the One Direction boys are growing up and exploring, but in a nice and decent way, so both young and old can listen to it without getting too offended.

“Why Don´t We Go There” and “Does He Know?” are made for dancing and partying to the fast beat, and easy sing-along chorus. But most teenage girls will properly rather daydream about these songs being about them.

“Alive” Starts off with some real rock and roll, by some hardcore guitar play, but it soon becomes pop, with a rock twist. This tune has something really right, but also something really wrong about it. The way every sentence ends in a high note, gets kind of annoying. But then the choruses are really catchy and secure pop. It is as if these two things are form two different songs, and they doesn´t really fit together. “Half a Heart” is a very sweet, romantic and laid back tune, to end off this album.

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