Johnny Cash – Out Among The Stars

Johnny Cash Out Among The Stars
Johnny Cash Out Among The Stars
Johnny Cash Out Among The Stars


Length: 36:37
Release Date: 25th March 2014
Producer: Billy Sherrill
Track Listing: 1. Out Among the Stars 2. Baby Ride Easy (feat. June Carter Cash) 3. She Used to Love Me a Lot 4. After All 5. I’m Movin’ On (feat. Waylon Jennings) 6. If I Told You Who It Was 7. Call Your Mother 8. I Drove Her Out of My Mind 9. Tennessee 10. Rock and Roll Shoes 11. Don’t You Think It’s Come Our Time (feat. June Carter Cash) 12. I Came to Believe 13. She Used to Love Me a Lot (Johnny Cash/Elvis Costello version)
Singles: She Used to Love Me a Lot



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This album covers a range of country styles, and features everything a devoted Cash fan will love about his music. It makes for pleasant and occasionally emotional listening.


If you aren’t already a Johnny Cash fan, this isn’t the album to convert you. It tends to fall back on traditional country music contrivances a great deal; although Cash himself cemented many of these musical templates in popular culture, it would have been nice if this album had gotten more adventurous.

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Anyone trying to heal the emotional scars of the first posthumous Cash release, the heart-rending Nine Inch Nails cover “Hurt”, will be pleasantly surprised by the beginning of this album. Gone are the mournful meditations on addiction and regret: instead, “Out Among the Stars” starts the album off with a classic Cash tale of crime and punishment, buoyed along with optimism and an upbeat melody. The mood continues to lift with “Baby Ride Easy”, a country gem filled with the joy June Carter and Cash always felt singing together.

As the album continues, Cash and his associates take us on a more varied emotional journey. “She Used to Love Me a Lot” is a contemplative, drum-heavy ode to a woman who was too good for the troubled narrator to love. The song also happens to be a cover of a 1984 song by David Allen Coe. “She Used to Love Me…” is the first single taken from “Out Among the Stars” and was originally recorded by Cash in the early 1980’s, although it was never released. “I’m Movin’ On” and “If I Told You Who It Was” bring back warm memories of earlier Cash works like “A Boy Named Sue”, filled as they are with storytelling, humour, and toe-tapping rhythm. “Call Your Mother” jogs along with a simple guitar and harmonica, musing on the end of a relationship with not just a woman, but her family too.

Things get a little darker with “I Drove Her Out of My Mind”, but the trademark Cash humour and enjoyable wordplay make this song more amusing than upsetting. “Tennessee” and “Rock and Roll Shoes” move into standard mid-tempo country territory, before Carter comes back again to add warm layers of emotion to “Don’t You Think It’s Come Our Time.” “I Came to Believe” is a slow, piano-rich tribute to Cash’s Christian faith, managing to tell a moving story without preaching to the listener. The final track, an Elvis Costello remix of “She Used to Love Me a Lot” is intense and intriguing, increasing the tempo but bringing added depth to the song.

This album covers all the bases for fans of Cash. It takes the listener through highs and lows, love stories and break-ups, with a consistently engaging and varied track list that keeps things fresh. The production remains unobtrusively good throughout; Sherrill is clearly aware that Cash and Carter need very little help to sound appealing to their audience. If you are looking for the ideal gift for a country fan, “Out Among the Stars” is a good place to start.

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