James Blunt – Moon Landing



Genre: ,
Length: 43:18
Release Date: 18 October 2013
Producer: Tom Rothrock, Steve Mac, Steve Robson, Dan Wilson, Ryan Tedder
Track Listing: 1) Face the sun. 2) Satellites. 3) Bonfire heart. 4) Heart to heart. 5) Miss America. 6) The only one. 7) Sun on Sunday. 8) Bones. 9) Always hate me. 10) Postcards. 11) Blue on blue.
Singles: Bonfire Heart, Heart To Heart



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For those who are unsure of the style of James Blunt this is the one to try out. Definitely his best album yet.


Not for people who don't like easy listening.

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James Blunt returns his blissful voice to our ears once again with his new album Moon Landing.

“Moon Landing” is the fourth album by James Blunt and is produced by Tom Rothrock of the Foo Fighters (He also produced James’ multi-platinum selling album “Back to Bedlam”). Moon Landing maintains the very high standards that we have come to expect and love from James Blunt, the lyrics, vocals and melodies combine and fuse together to make an astonishingly enjoyable album.

The deluxe album adds three extra tracks to those on the “normal” album,

  1. Telephone
  2. Kiss this love goodbye
  3. Hollywood

For the small extra cost it is well worth getting the deluxe album.

The single on current release from this album is “Bonfire Heart”, for that reason that track is distinctive, but all the other tracks reach the same high pedestal in terms of quality, although in some cases a different style. Most people will listen to this album from start to end and enjoy the whole thing all the way through.

The lyrics for the tracks are full of deep meaning as well, they are not like most modern lyrics that have just been made to be catchy and make money, they have been well written and are delivered outstandingly by James;

“I have never been a beautiful boy,
Never liked the sound of my own voice,
I wasn’t cool when I was in my teens,
I never slept, but I did have dreams.

However,there is one song that is perhaps the most poignant example of meaningful lyrics, is the track , Miss America. The inspiration behind  this  track is the late Diva Whitney Houston.Reminiscent  of Sir Elton John’s original version of ‘candle In The wind’ which explored the emotional feelings of the late film starlet, Marilyn Monroe, James, explores the emotions of Whitney, who died of heart problems, allegedly due in part to her cocaine habit. Similarly to Candle in the wind, he explores how she may have reacted to how she was portrayed in the media:

“Was that picture in the paper not the face you recognize?
Did the make-up never make up for the pain behind your eyes?
‘Cause I feel as if I know you when you’re on my silver screen,
But I don’t know the dark places that you’ve been.”

It has been over a year since James last album and it has been well worth the wait for his fans. However its worth noting that critics have been divided. This is due in part to his recent online Twitter critics, who have inundated his Twitter account with rude and derogatory messages. At best,they suggest that he is a mediocre singer, and at worst numerous Twitter messages are full of  rude and insulting messages. However, James has taken the unusual approach of responding to the nastiest messages with humorous remarks. This appears to be having a positive effect.

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