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James Arthur Album
James Arthur Album
James Arthur Album


Length: 44:18
Release Date: 1st November 2013
Producer: TMS, Salaam Remi, Naughty Boy, Da Internz, Mojam, Tiago Carvalho, Steve Robson, Mike Dean, Biffco
Track Listing: 1. You're nobody 'til somebody loves you 2. Get down 3. New tattoo 4. Impossible 5. Lie Down 6. Recovery 7. Roses feat Emeli sandé 8. Supposed 9. Suicide 10. Is this love? 11. Certain things feat Chasing Grace 12. Smoke Cloud 13. Flyin
Singles: Impossible, You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You, Recovery.



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Very eclectic and good variety of sounds and themes.


If you like albums with one particular genre or sound then this album is not for you.

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Firstly I would encourage anybody with any preconceived ideas about the artist to listen to the album with an open mind. Each song offers a different unique sound and emotion. The song titles do not reflect the atmosphere of the songs. In general it is a very uplifting album. Some of the features of the album include a gospel choir, rapping and an orchestra in the song “Roses” featuring Emile Sandé”.

Arthur’s debut was a song he sang on the X factor called “Impossible”. The artist puts all his emotions and life experience into the tracks particularly “recovery” which talks about Arthur’s struggle with new found fame. “Suicide” is about the  emotions of a relationship breakup and how two people in an unhealthy relationship can over time begin to kill each others spirits. “Emergency” is inspired by James anxiety disorder and how music helps him manage anxiety attacks.

It refers to an incident when Arthur was traveling to New York to work on the album when suddenly the reality of his new life and fame became too overwhelming landing him in a New York hospital just hours after landing. In summary the album offers a lot of different sounds and vocal ranges. It is cleverly produced and written. It is a fresh sound that has classic elements yet it feels in tune with modern music we are used to hearing. Definitely on course to become the most successful artist to come from the X factor.

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