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Release Date: June 30, 2014
Producer: Critikal Example, Alex Smith, Fraser T. Smith Steve Hill, Stuart Price, Sheldrake
Track Listing: 1. Next year 2. Kids again 3. Stay with me 4. 10 million people 5. Only human 6. Til i'd seen you 7. Can't face the world alone 8. Live life living 9. All the wrong places 10. Take me as i am 11. At night 12. Longest goodbye
Singles: Kids Again, One More Day (Stay with Me)



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Original new album from Example. Fun, exciting, and energetic.


If hard trance and acid house are not your genres, then Example's new album won't appeal to you that much.

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This album is the fifth release from the English singer and songwriter. Last year, the 31 year old rapper released a compilation of his greatest hits. The new album, Live Life Living will be his first release of all new material since his 2012 album, The Evolution of Man.

Example announced the details of the album’s release on Twitter, where he also published the cover art for the album. The cover will show Example floating, fully dressed, in a swimming pool. The standard album will include twelve tracks. On the same release date, there will also be a special deluxe double-disk version of Live Life Living released, which will have four additional tracks.

Example is originally from London, and his real name is Elliot Gleave. His first major record deal was with The Beats, in 2006. His first official single, released that year, was What We Made, with a video shot in Chernobyl.

All four of Example’s albums released so far have hit the official Top 20 charts in the UK. His second album, Playing in the Shadows, from 2011, is his only album to reach the #1 position on that chart. Example has also seen 9 of his singles hit the Top 20. In 2011, he had consecutive Top 20 singles come out, with Stay Awake, followed by Changed The Way You Kissed Me.

The star performed in 2013 at the Glastonbury Festival, appearing on the Other Stage. The singer has confirmed recently that he will be appearing at the V Festival this year. The headliners for that festival in August will be Justin Timberlake and The Killers.

The new album Live Life Living will include the current single from Example, called Kids Again. Some reviewers have said that it is hard not to be charmed by this song, as it displays a youthful exuberance and a cheery, adventurous outlook on life.

Though Example is now married to a former Miss Australia, he doesn’t seem completely settled down in this track. Perhaps his younger, wilder side is rising to the surface again. The lyrics talk about running away from home, going wherever they want, and seeing whatever they want to see. It is a fast-paced jaunt, with Example’s signature blend of synthesizers and stomping beats.

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