Christina Perri – Head Or Heart

Christina Perri – Head Or Heart
Christina Perri – Head Or Heart
Christina Perri – Head Or Heart


Length: 49:52
Release Date: 1st April 2014
Producer: Martin Johnson, Jake Gosling, John Hill, Butch Walker, Jack Antonoff
Track Listing: 1. Trust 2. Burning Gold 3. Be My Forever (feat. Ed Sheeran) 4. Human 5. One Night 6. I Don’t Wanna Break 7. Sea Of Lovers 8. The Words 9. Lonely Child 10. Run 11. Butterfly 12. Shot Me In The Heart 13. I Believe
Singles: Human



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There are some great songs on this album and it makes for easy, relaxed listening with a few bouts of toe-tapping thrown in.


A number of songs on “Head Or Heart” blend into one. There is a great deal of similarity between a few of the tracks, and much of the album comes across as formulaic and bland as a result.

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After Christina Perri’s debut “Lovestrong” in 2011, expectations were high for the Philadelphia songstress. Perri generated a large fan following in a short time, and her songs were featured on the soundtrack to “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” and “So You Think You Can Dance”.

“Head or Heart” opens with “Trust”, a thoughtful ballad filled with rich strings and a building, gentle intensity that will give hope to anyone concerned that Perri has lost her touch between albums. “Burning Gold” has a sturdier sound, with a pounding drumbeat and warm, assertive vocals that build into an explosive chorus. This track reverberates with the combination of pop appeal and quirkiness that makes Perri’s work so popular. “Be My Forever”, featuring the young Suffolk star Ed Sheeran, is a bouncing gem of acoustic pop. According to a interview in 2013, Perri wrote the song while happily in love and she had long term friend Sheeran in mind as a duet partner from the moment she finished it. The singers complement each other nicely, while jangling guitars and toe-tapping percussion celebrate all that is great about young love. The fourth track, “Human”, promptly pulls the listener back into mournful territory. The vocals drift over a low-tempo orchestra as Perri pleads with us to remember that she is “only human”. While this song is moving and pleasant, it doesn’t seem quite distinctive enough to justify its place as the first single released from the album.

“One Night” picks up the pace a little, with more driving percussion and siren-like backing vocals which build intensity throughout. It is certainly more unique than “Human”, but still feels like a let-down after the album’s promising beginnings. Track five, “I Don’t Wanna Break” is a rhythmic and spirited rant against loneliness and heartache which reinvigorates “Head or Heart” at the perfect time. “Sea Of Lovers” is a contemplative ballad with intriguing lyrics, moving along at just the right tempo to maintain interest without attempting soft rock. “The Words” is a nice enough love song, but doesn’t do much for the album beyond maintaining momentum. “Lonely Child”, takes us back into intriguing territory, with Regina Spektor-inspired vocals and a vigorous back beat. The song moves through a mix of genres, almost concealing the dark story told by the lyrics.

“Run” is another ballad, with a slightly poppy feel. Once again, here is a track that is okay to listen to but feels a lot like filler. “Butterfly” has a choral backing complemented by gentle piano, and drifts along in a melancholy fashion before building intensity at the end. “Shot Me In The Heart” is a good attempt at livening things up again before the end of the album. It sits comfortably in pop territory, with a radio-friendly chorus and a 1980s-influenced touch of synth. “Head Or Heart” finishes up with “I Believe”, a hopeful mid-tempo piece which owes a debt to Alanis Morrisette and builds to a strong finish. It makes for an enjoyable end to the album, and is more memorable than many of the preceding tracks.

“Head Or Heart” isn’t likely to break records for innovation any time soon, but it is not a bad album. If you are looking for mellow, coffee-shop music with the occasional standout track, this is a great choice. Sadly, if you are looking for excitement and variety, you will not find it here.

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