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Release Date: 7 October 2013
Producer: Chase & Status, Major Lazer, Bo Saris, Nile Rodgers, Skrillex, Andy C
Track Listing: Gun Metal Grey, International, Count on Me, Blk & Blu, Pressure, Machine Gun, Gangsta Boogie, Heaven Knows, Lost & Not Found, Like That, Deeper Devotion, Breathing, What is Right, Alive



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Seriously good tracks like Alive, Lost & Not Found and Heaven Knows. There is a song for everyone on this album. Works with British artists mostly


The track listing is just wrong as the album doesn't flow at all and it still feels the same as No More Idols even though its different somehow

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Like most Chase and status music, this music is made to be listened to LOUD or live if you’re lucky enough. The whole album is very uplifting and just makes you want to get up and dance

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Full Review

Chase and Status are back with a bang with their new album Brand New Machine.  One of the pioneers of Drum and bass music. Saul Milton and Will Kennard follow the trend in dance music currently of using old school dance music and mixing it with the current sound to make something attractive to everyone. Like most Chase and status music, this music is made to be listened to LOUD or live if you’re lucky enough. The whole album is very uplifting and just makes you want to get up and dance.  In some ways its very similar to their previous album No More Idols

Chase and Status are again working with young British musicians and helping them develop their careers and because of this it has a very British feel. Young Emerging talent like Jacob Banks on the uplifting single  Alive which pairs the duo’s break-beats and synch melodies with the soulful soaring verses of Banks on a beautiful track about triumph over adversity. Or the summer smash hit Lost and Not Found featuring Brighton born Louis Mattrs which odes to C&S original stuff just way bigger and better. Other British acts include the and powerful Moko on the tunes ‘Count on Me’ and ‘Like that’, smooth Ed Thomas on Blk & Blu, super talented Eli Ingram (check out her version of Kendrick Lamar’s Poetic Justice and be blown away) on the poignant ‘Heaven Knows’. Expect at least one of these artists to blow up like Plan B in 2014

The album also has a big international feel as the duo work with artists from all over the world including the legend Nile Rodgers and Pusha T. The album dips its toe in all parts of music ranging from Moombathon (house music fused with reggaeton) to trap music to ballads and finally drum and bass. And in that lies the problem with the album. It has no discernible flow as it jumps from one genre to another without warning. The songs on their own are good but in a album format where you have to listen to one after the other it can be quite frustrating. C&S are clearly trying to prove that Drum and Bass doesn’t have to all sound the same, all dance music for that fact and it anyone can find a song that is too their liking but what it ends up is as nothing perfect.  The album is good in a lot of genres but not perfect in any one except drum and bass.

Every time Chase and Status release an album I am genuinely excited because some massive songs are produced and this definitely didn’t disappoint. There are genuine club bangers on this album. However, the album as a whole is disjointed and awkward as it doesn’t flow. And as they create dance music this part is disappointing. I understand they are broadening their horizons and trying to grow as an act. But, Drum and Bass is a niche market at the moment and this effort could end up disheartening hardcore fans, while not really making much improvement into the mainstream. That being said Chase and Status are owed an enormous amount of thanks to what they have done for the EDM scene and I can’t wait to see them perform this set live. Let the moshing begin!

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