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Top 10 Horror Movies with Clowns

Scariest Clown Movies
Scariest Clown Movies

If you are one of those people who like clowns hobbling around with their fake smiles, then it’s time for you to view these clown horror films. They are sure to change your opinion about clowns forever!

There have been a number of clown movies being released over the past few decades. Clowns in these movies come in a variety of forms ranging from aliens and demons to deranged and crazy psychopathic murderers!

So let’s take a look at the top 10 scariest clown movies of all time. Please read at your own risk! We are not responsible for sleepless nights suffered after watching any of these.

10. Drive Thru

The main antagonist of this movie is funnily named as Horny the clown. However, his personality is no laughing matter. He presents himself as a mascot of a drive thru called Hella Burger where he has been murdered by a person. He has now become a vengeful spirit that chases down the children of his murderer.

The movie covers his journey from becoming a spirit to going on a gory trip through the city and then back to Hella Burger where the story had initiated. He is scary as a vengeful spirit and is presented in sadistic clown form which will ensure that you stay up all night.

9. 100 Tears

100 tears is not that well known among the masses because it was limitedly released due to it being an independent film. However, this does not make it any less scary.

Gurdy is a circus clown who lives all by himself. One day he is falsely accused of rape and decides to avenge himself by killing the people involved in framing him. However, something changes inside of him and he finds it hard to stop himself from murdering people. His gory activities are overstated by the media through sensationalism.

Two journalists from a known newspaper take it upon themselves to find and hunt down this crazy murderous clown. However, things soon quickly take a U-turn as the journalists get trapped in his warehouse and are cruelly hunted down by the clown.

8. Funnyman

The antagonist here possess the same name as the movie i.e. Funnyman. If you haven’t watched it yet then you are definitely missing something!

The story revolves around a clown belonging to the fourth dimension that lives in a huge mansion belonging to Christopher Lee. The film begins with a person named Callum Chance who plays and wins a poker round with his friends and wins the house as a result.

When he spins a fortune wheel while residing at the mansion, he awakens the clown who proceeds to wreak havoc on the residents. He kills Callum’s children and spouse in the most gruesome but funny ways. Next he targets Callum’s brother who later arrives with a van full of hitchhikers. All of them end up being entertainment for the murderous clown.

The rest of the movie has been arranged in a Scooby doo style wherein each of the members is taken down by the clown while jutting out one liners and filming their doom on camera.

7. Clownhouse

This movie is unique in the sense that it actually features a circus which really showcases the risk of such places.

The plot involves three brothers, Casey, Randy and Geoffrey. Casey suffers from Coulrophobia i.e. fear of clowns. One night they are all by themselves at home and decide to check out the circus that has recently setup shop in the town.

There, Casey consults a fortune teller who predicts that his lifespan has just been shortened.
Just as this prediction takes place, three lunatics escape from the local mental institution and enter the circus where the three brothers are present. These crazy guys kill three clowns and get into their disguise complete with full facial makeup. They then follow the three brothers home for a night full of terror.

Now the brothers have to stay alive until morning while Casey comes faces to face with his worst nightmare. Whether this fear will be overcome or not remains to be seen.

6. Amusement

This film is composed of three different sections depicting the story of three different individuals.

The second section narrates the story of Tabitha who has come to visit her aunt. On arrival she discovers that two of her cousins are at home all by themselves. The babysitter is nowhere to be seen.

Tabitha gets the boys into bed and goes about exploring the place. There she comes across a guest room full of clown gear. Inside the room is a life-sized clown seated in a rocking chair.

Her aunt calls to check in on her and she conveys that everything is fine except for the full size clown in the guest room. Her aunt is surprised at its mention and says that they do not own any such clown. By this time, the clown figure has already risen from the chair and is rapidly approaching her.

This incident is followed by a fast paced chase between Tabitha and the killer clown. At the end, Tabitha hides herself in the garden shed only to find the dead body of the baby sitter hidden inside there.

Room full of clowns anyone?

5. Zombieland

The cross between killer clowns and zombies has to be the most dreadful. The zombie clown first appears peeping under the bathroom stall and remains imprinted on the audience’s mind for the whole movie. Each of his appearances is spine chilling. He stays in an apt amusement park and is clothed in a scary blood-caked dress.

4. The Devil’s Rejects

Captain Spaulding is introduced as the head of the killer Firefly family in the House of 1000 corpses and his character remains vague throughout the movie. However, he gains a sizeable role in the sequel – The Devil’s Rejects.

He goes underground when the cops find out about his families’ murderous interests. He is rather ruthless on his mission to meet his daughter and even headbutts a lady when she refuses to hand over her car which scares the crap out of her son seated in the passenger seat.

Even though he is a scary character, Spaulding ends up striking a good chord with the audience at the end. He is presented as a good family man who should never be nudged on the wrong side.

3. Poltergeist

The movie poltergeist seems to be the primary cause of the fall in sales of clown dolls even though it is beyond us why people make a collection of such ugly and scary dolls.

The movie features an evil spirit that possess the clown doll and comes to life. This depiction itself is scary enough to give children multiple sleepless nights. In addition to this, the killer doll also dispels the age old assumption of the bed being the sole safe place for children. It sneaks into Robbie’s bed to attack him while his face morphs into a twisted grotesque appearance which makes the scene even more terrifying. In a nutshell – clown dolls are much worse than clowns themselves.

2. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

They initially appear to be cute and cuddly – especially the smaller ones. These clowns descend down on Earth in a huge circus-like spaceship. However, appearances often fool even the wisest of men and these clowns have not appeared to spread cheer.

Every movie watcher is bound to believe them to be harmless characters in the film. This assumption soon turns wrong as the clowns ready themselves to take on the town using their cotton candy killer guns. They also possess two more deadly weapons – murderous shadow puppets and popcorn that spews out alien organisms.

The clowns are really twisted. The movie even features a scene where one of the clowns uses the dead body of a cop as a ventriloquist’s dummy and they also have a large sized clown called JoJo the Klownzilla.

1. It

Pennywise clown from the movie “It” has been the leading cause of Coulrophobia. There’s nothing humorous in anything that this clown does.

This character lives off the fear of children. He was aware of the fact that children actually hate clowns. He is as old as Derry city where he engages in his gruesome activities. He awakens every 30 years, kills a few people and then goes back to sleep.

Watchers first encounter him when he baits Georgie into a storm drain to murder him by shredding his arm off and letting him bleed to death. He shows up in showers and can materialize from photographs – there is no place safe from him.

The important point to note here is Tim Curry’s intense rendering of this character. He has acted with such conviction that the audience almost forgets that it is an act for some time. He has earlier done some wonderful performances as Long John in the Muppets and as Frank in Rocky Horror.

He manages to scare outright even with the little screen time he gets in the movie. The character grows on you and you can’t help but cover your eyes each time he appears on screen.

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