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Release Date: 8 November 2013
Length: 1 hour 52 mins
Storyline: In this movie, Dark elves who are a race of beings attempt to use Aether, a weapon to bring darkness to the Universe. This weapon is indestructible and can only be hidden, an attempt that the Asgard warriors make. It has been two years since Thor and Jane Foster saw one another and she looks forward to his return. Thor has been involved in making peace among the nine realms and in the meantime Jane stumbles on an anomaly like the one that brought Thor to Earth. While investigating it she is sucked into a wormhole that she comes across. In Asgard in the meantime, Thor, despite wanting to come back to Earth, is refrained by Odin his father. It is through Heimdall, who is able to see into all realms that Thor learns of Jane’s disappearance. Both Thor and Jane reappear back on Earth to attempts of a policeman to try and arrest her which are nevertheless repulsed by unknown energy. Attempts by Thor to find out what happened at Jane’s disappearance reveal that she had encountered Aether and it had entered her. This is the precise moment that Malekith the escaped leader of the Dark Elves chooses to strike Asgard therefore seeks out the Aether. In the process Frigga, Thor’s mother is killed as she tries to protect Jane. Odin plans on keeping Jane on Asgard as bait for Malekith, a plan that Thor does not agree with and together with his cronies works to take Jane away. He even solicits the help of Loki his brother whose motives are not clear nevertheless.
Studio: Walt Disney Motion Pictures
Producer: Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Feige
Written By: Don Payne, Robert Rodat
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What We Liked

A lot of adventure in the movie that is filled with fantasy.

What We Disliked

So much is borrowed from Iron Man 2 and much of the content appears familiar.

Bottom Line

This is one movie that has the potential of running deep with it’s plot but somehow did not go that way during production. It still does it for entertainment though and this makes it a good reason for watching too.

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Not be the finest film to come from Marvel Comics, but Thor sequel gets better as it goes along… it’s just a steep climb just to arrive at not bad.

The performance of the cast in this movie is great and the visuals are as well. Malekith showed his anger in a ruthless manner when he lost his world. The characters are all united in mourning frigga and this gives the movie a good turn around since they are all determined to get back. However there are some obvious flaws in the movie such as the rush in the final battle. If you can overlook the attempts at humour in the film then you will be able to enjoy the superhero movie and can get away with watching it several times as well.

Similar to many comic book epics these days, Alan Taylor’s 3-D Thor: The Dark World has more action making it a movie that goes down better while giving an allowance to the characters to be themselves. Though enjoyable to watch, it does not bring with it anything new to the Marvel Comic’s movie Universe. It does not contain much depth in the plot, making it to appear familiar to viewers who have watched similar productions.

There is however some obvious goofs such as the plot to bring Thor back to Earth when Natalie Portman (who plays Thor’s girlfriend, Jane Foster) is magically transported between worlds ending up right at the Aether. Then again the scene where Aether took over Natalie Portman’s body was jarringly alike to scenes in Spiderman where the alien Venom took over the two characters.

Tom Hiddleston’s clever asides add to the fun of the film and Loki’s ability to shape shift gives the film some of the most special moments. Loki has a plot to revenge against the King of Asgard as he gets on with work beside Thor also add to the twist of the movie.

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