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Release Date: 27 September 2013
Length: 2 hours 3 minutes
Storyline: The rivalry between two race drivers namely James hunt and Niki Lauda began since the Formula three race in 1970 which saw both their cars spin out of the race with Hunt winning. The two have distinct characters as Hush the Englishman is known to vomit at the start of every race while Australian Lauda works with genius precision. The formula one team becomes accessible to Lauda who buys his way in after falling out with his father leading to a first time encounter with Clay Regazzoni. All this is happening as Hesketh racing, which is the team that Hush drives for, joins formula one as well but closes down after being unable to find a sponsor leading Hunt to another driving position with McLaren. He soon marries the super model Suzy Miller as Lauda gets into a relationship with the socialite Marlene Knaus. Lauda dominates the first two races of Formula one season in 1976. Hunt wins the Spanish Grand Prix race even so gets disqualified after the race with a ruling that his car is too wide. Even worse is when he discovers that his wife Suzy is having an affair with Richard Burton. This leads to a divorce and Hunt’s spirit is revived especially with the overruling of his disqualification in Spain which gives back his points. Lauda and Marlene go ahead to get married even with concerns of the effect on Lauda's racing. The German prix race has Lauda urging a cancellation of the race due to the heavy rains but it is vetoed and the two begin the race on rain tires even as the track dries up forcing them to change tires on the second lap. While on the third lap a suspension arm in Lauda's Ferrari breaks causing the car to fly and burst into flames. Lauda is airlifted to hospital with third degree burns on the face and head with also serious internal burns to his lungs where he remains for six weeks. Nevertheless against his Doctor's instructions Lauda takes part in the Italian Grand prix race finishing fourth as Hunt pulls out. The Japanese Grand prix is the culmination of the 1976 season in which Lauda pulls out at the second lap opting instead to stay with Marlene. Hunt finishes the race third therefore winning the championship and goes on to spend the rest of the year with sex and drugs as Lauda takes interest in flying private planes. Hunt goes on racing until retirement in 1979 after which he becomes a motor sport broadcast commentator until his death in 1993 at the age of 45.
Studio: Exclusive media
Producer: Andrew Eaton,Eric Fellner, Brian Oliver, Peter Morgan
Written By: Peter Morgan
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Great movie about the rivalry of two famous rivals that comes with enough surprises.

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A few goofs here and there that might go unnoticed to most people.

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An awesome movie that will keep you grabbing hold of your seat throughout the runtime.

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Based on an incredible true story, Rush is a well produced sports drama with exciting race sequences and strong performances from Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl.

The human condition that is contained in this movie does not hit you at the start since it is all about racing cars and all. Until you begin to feel the rivalry that is between Nikki Lauda and James Hunt. The two will stop at nothing to outdo each other and go through intense races.
For those who love the edge-of-the-seat kind of feeling will get enough of this in the movie Rush as it is loaded with such scenes. The love scenes serve to spice it up as well and at one point I started to think that the two main characters took their competition to all areas of their lives. Great watch, this!

The movie Rush contains much more than is clear at first and is great entertaining adrenaline filled film about two rival racers (Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl), and the way that each faught for the title of world champion of their sport. It offers a peek into the lives of the champion Formula 1 rivals in the early 1970s even though that is not clear at first as it appears to be all about racing. It is definitely more.

This movie is exciting as well as well directed with good acting too. This is a fantastic a movie, one that the Director Ron Howard has done an extremely good job at and one that is a definite recommendation. This amazing film that is easy to commend.

Sports fans and anyone else that is attracted in stories about rivalry will have fun watching this movie since it offers perfectly articulate racing exposure. It dedicates far more time to discover the individuality of the two drivers with totally different personalities and who end up driving each other to destruction.

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