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Release Date: 27th June 2014
Length: 1 hour 34 minutes
Storyline: The formidable Agnes Brown and family take on a corrupt corporation that is trying to take away Mrs Brown’s market stall.
Studio: Penalty Kick Films, That’s Nice Films
Producer: Rory Cowan, Martin Delany, Johnny Fewings, Mark Freeland, Jennifer Gibney, Conor Harrington, Paddy Houlihan, Christine Langan, Brendan O’Carroll, Danny O’Carroll, Fiona O’Carroll, Helen Parker, Amanda Woods, Stephen McCrum, Serada McDermott
Written By: Brendan O’Carroll
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What We Liked

There are some really funny moments, particularly if you like slapstick and seeing the fourth wall get knocked down.

What We Disliked

The acting isn't great, the plot is thin, and it feels like an extended episode of the TV show rather than a movie. It’s also reminiscent of a 1970’s sitcom at times, and not in a good way.

Bottom Line

Fans of Mrs Brown’s Boys will enjoy this movie, but don’t go in expecting a particularly great cinematic experience. It’s fun, it’s light, and it isn’t demanding.

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Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is based on Mrs Brown’s Boys, an Irish comedy TV show that originated from a number of books and stage plays. The entire thing was created by Brendan O’Carroll, who also plays the eponymous Mrs Agnes Brown. Agnes is a foul-mouthed, eccentric, and formidable woman who runs a market stall and has single-handedly cared for her five (now adult) children and elderly father-in-law since the death of her husband. Like the TV show, the film is filled with slapstick, swearing, broad comedy, and touches of warmth. Sadly, it doesn’t translate too well to the big screen.

The basic premise has been done before: Mrs Brown runs a market stall and a big company is trying to close the market down, with the help of a corrupt politician, in order to build a retail complex. With the help of her family and friends, some blind ninjas, and a number of crazy stunts, Mrs Brown tries to save the market while battling the courts and the intimidating forces of the company. In terms of plot, there aren’t any surprises: it’s possible to guess the outcome of just about everything apart from the stunts. This doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to watch, however. Another issue with the story lies in the occasional attempts to evoke emotion from the audience by turning it into a family drama. The atmosphere just isn’t right for sentiment, and it feels uncomfortable. D’Movie is much better when it’s just being funny.

One of the main problems with this film is that a lot of the cast aren’t actors, and consequently aren’t very good. Brendan O’Carroll is known for hiring family and friends, and most of the cast are related to him. There are a couple of gems: O’Carroll lives and breathes Agnes Brown after all these years, and his wife Jennifer Gibney shines as dutiful daughter Cathy. Rory Cowan, who has been involved with the Mrs Brown series since its early days, is hilarious as Rory Brown. Sadly, the rest of the cast are uncomfortable at best and somewhat robotic at worst. This isn’t as noticeable on television, but it becomes painfully clear in the movie.

Speaking of uncomfortable, there is a new character in the form of the “Asian” Mr Wang (Brendan O’Carroll), head of a school for blind ninjas. O’Carroll wears yellow makeup and a black bowl-cut wig, and talks in an offensive accent that would be more at home in a sitcom from the 1970’s (perhaps Love Thy Neighbour). The Agnes Brown of the TV show often puts her foot in it regarding sensitive topics like race and sexuality, but the overall impression is benign and self-deprecating. The inclusion of Mr Wang, on the other hand, feels nasty and outright bigoted. This is one of many indications that the movie is stuck in the past. D’Movie tries to evoke memories of entertainment from a bygone, more innocent time, but unfortunately it comes across as outdated and out of touch instead.

There are moments that are genuinely amusing, particularly when O’Carroll breaks the fourth wall, and these make the film worthwhile. It may have a lot of flaws, but Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie can be very funny and fans of the TV series will love it. If you like simple, slapstick comedy with a warm and happy vibe then it’s worth giving this movie a chance. If you are demanding when it comes to all-round quality, or prefer subtle humour, you may want to give it a miss.

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