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Release Date: May 16, 2014 (U.S.A.)
Length: 123 minutes
Storyline: Awakened by radiation, scientists, or something else? The world's most famous monster roars back on to the big screen like you've never seen before and this ain't your daddy's man-in-the-rubber-suit Godzilla!
Studio: Warner Brothers
Producer: Yoshimitsu Banno, executive producer; Alex Garcia, executive producer; Jon Jashni, producer; Kenji Okuhira, executive producer; Mary Parent, producer; Brian Rogers, producer; Thomas Tull, producer; Patricia Whitcher, executive producer
Written By: Max Borenstein (screenplay); Dave Callaham (story) (as David Callaham)
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Strong acting, extraordinary visuals, Oscar level sound, and a non-stop, thrill-a-minute ride with some nifty surprises tossed in make this reviewer want to ROOOOOAAAAARRRR!!!!

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It ended. It shouldn't have ended. They should have just started it over again and given us some fresh popcorn. Too much fun.

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I can see the Monday morning headlines now: “Godzilla monstrous at the weekend box office!” “The monster of all May movies”. If word-of-mouth works the way it usually works, I predict a $70 million weekend at minimum. I will not be surprised to hear people talking about $100 million which truly would make this a monstrous monster of a monster movie (roar).

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There’s a phrase that’s spoken this time of year…the time of year known as the NBA Playoffs. It’s two phrases actually but I’m thinking of only one. It’s a phrase that basically says you have to win big or start packing your bags for your vacation. You’ve heard it: “Win or go home”, they say. But that phrase can also be said another way: “Go big or go home”, the say. I like that last phrase a bit more. Go big or go home. That phrase is…well…bigger. And I lived in Texas for a spell and like we said down there, “bigger is better’. Especially when it comes to summer blockbusters.

The fact is: I’m still running on the adrenaline high that Godzilla 2014 has given me! So are, I imagine, the rest of the people who were in the theater for the sneak peak of this movie before it’s full-blown, nationwide release. And from the look and sound of things: “Godzilla” is going to have a monster of a weekend. If it doesn’t, I’ll be making some monster noises myself! (why are you still reading this review? Go to the theatre already and enjoy the ride)

Ok, since it seems you’re still reading, I’ll keep writing (roar). I can see the Monday morning headlines now: “Godzilla monstrous at the weekend box office!” “The monster of all May movies”. If word-of-mouth works the way it usually works, I predict a $70 million weekend at minimum. I will not be surprised to hear people talking about $100 million which truly would make this a monstrous monster of a monster movie (roar).

Yes, Godzilla 2014 is massive and it’s massive in all the right ways! Yes, the visual effects will make your jaw drop as will the Oscar-level sound! Good grief! Just hand them the Oscars for mixing and editing already would you? Phenomenal!!!! I know it’s only May but if the Academy doesn’t remember the sound mixing and editing come Oscar time it will be a monstrous shame. Monstrous. (roar)

Oh, and speaking of Oscars: Bryan Cranston won’t get nominated for his role in this film because summer blockbuster monster movies only earn effects Oscars (at least for now and I sure hope that changes some day) but mark my words: Mr. Cranston will win an Oscar some day. He is an Oscar level actor and he shows it here and I believe that within the next 2-5 years we will see him gracing the red carpet at least once if not twice in that time period. Love him. Wish I could go see him right now on Broadway as L.B. Johnson. And those acting chops are in full effect in “Godzilla”. He, as well as the rest of the very strong cast, do a great job of making us not only believe these people but care about them: a big task for most summer blockbusters these days without the name “Marvel” attached to them. It’s such a pleasure to talk about a big summer blockbuster with all the bells and whistles of the proverbial eye-candy we expect from the juggernauts of summertime and say that it is well acted! (Can I get an “amen” or at least a “roar” out of somebody?) You can thank director Gareth Edwards for that! Mr. Edwards does a great job of giving us the kind of visual and audio excitement we expect from blockbuster spectacles but he does something else that many directors of this medium don’t: he adds a very large helping of humanity; not only to the people but to everything you see on screen (no spoilers here but even the monster moments have poetry, lyrical beauty, and even emotion).

That’s one of the things I liked most about “Godzilla”. Mr. Edwards could have easily just phoned in the human element things like so many directors do (or not even cared about them at all) but he doesn’t settle for that: it’s very clear this man is a story teller at heart and wasn’t going to just ride the wave of Godzilla’s size: some moments are downright intimate!  And twice the audience erupted in applause and whistles for what they saw happen on screen! Loved it! Not only that, there were a couple of times I flat out felt 9 years-old again: staring in wide-eyed wonder at the spectacle on the screen and connecting with the monster up there in ways I haven’t since I saw King Kong.

I loved this movie. So much fun. Can’t wait to see it again! Go see it this weekend. You will have a great time, be amazed again at the marvel of movie magic, and you’ll be sending a message to Hollywood that you want more big movies like this one.

RRRROOOOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!! (sorry, I just can’t help myself)

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Rick Segall


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    Kimberly A Charter

    This gave me the extra push to go see the movie! I’m not particularly a Godzilla fan or follower but love the entertainment of the movies! Looking forward to being part of the ROARING Buzz

    Thanks Rick! for the heads up!

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