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Release Date: November 27, 2013
Length: 1 hour 42 minutes.

This movie features Elsa who is the princess of Arendelle with ability to create ice and snow. Her magical powers get her in trouble one day when she injures her sister Anna while the two of them are playing. The king and queen thereafter find it fit to separate the two until when Elsa is better able to control her powers. The two girls then drift apart and in their teenage years lose their parents to shipwreck on the sea.

Plans are underway for the coronation of the princess Elsa and some in attendance have hidden motives of taking over the land of Arendelle for gain. One such is the Duke of Weselton. Anna's excitement at being let out of the castle is made better when she meets and falls for Prince Hans of the Southern Isles who hastily proposes to her at the coronation reception. Even though she is all for the idea her sister is not for it and withholds her blessings for the two which results in an exchange that has Anna revealing her sister's abilities. The result is that Elsa flees the castle and goes to the mountains where she builds herself an ice palace in the process bringing her and her sister's snowman Olaf to life.

On the other side Anna is in search of her sister whom she hopes to bring back to Arendelle to make up. On her way she encounters Kristoff the mountain man with his reindeer sven whom she convinces to guide her up the mountain and along the way they meet Olaf who shows them Elsa’s hideout. Even after the two sisters reunite Elsa is still scared of hurting her sister and gets agitated at the request of Anna to go back with them. She strikes Anna's heart with her powers as together with Kristoff, and Olaf they flee from the giant snow creature that Elsa has created to drive them away. Kristoff notices that Anna’s hair is turning white and on consulting with his adoptive family the trolls is informed that Anna's heart is frozen and only love can thaw it. Since it appears like only Hans can help the race back to Arandelle is on.

In the meantime Hans search for Anna has led him to Elsa's palace where he encounters a desperate Anna who pleads with him to kiss her so that the spell can be broken. Han's real motives are disclosed when he declines and admits that his only interest in marrying Anna was so that he could seize control of Arendelle's throne. Elsa's escape leads to a revelation of the love that Kristoff has for Anna and the search for him begins. It is however made difficult by the storm that is raging on and Elsa’s despair causes the storm to cease allowing Anna and Kristoff to find each other. Anna seeing that Elsa is about to die in the hands of Hans throws herself between them and since she is frozen solid frustrates the attempt.

The decision to stand in the way of Elsa’s killing constitutes the act of true love that allows Anna to thaw and the rest of the kingdom as well. Love is the key to controlling her powers as Elsa realizes and even Olaf is able to survive the summer. As the two sisters reconcile, Anna and Kristoff share a kiss as Hans is sent away back to the Southern isle to be punished. Henceforth Elsa decrees that the castle gates shall remain open.
Studio: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Producer: Peter Del Vecho
Written By: Jennifer Lee Chris Buck
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What We Liked

Looks astounding, with very endearing character designs and settings. The comic relief is also on a great standing.

What We Disliked

This is really an average film going by Disney standards. Not much depth to it though the plot is there.

Bottom Line

An overall great movie. The entertaining action may be set in a chilling landscape, but Frozen warms the heart.

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Masterfully animated, smartly written, and stocked with singalong songs, Frozen is decent seasonal Disney feature which amply refreshes a old template.

Frozen will have you laughing and experiencing different emotions all through it and it is definitely a great musical movie. All the right emotions are brought out such as kindness and love and you get a warm feeling after watching it. The surroundings as well as the lithe movement of characters while wearing their costumes serve to make this one of the best productions that Disney has done. Not to mention the blending of the cast with the characters of the film which makes the story line one that is relevant to humanity.

Frozen has a lesson for all of us in learning ways that our lives can be more meaningful from sharing what is uniquely us in the right setting. We need to be responsible enough to know how our powers work so as to make the best out of them.A well executed movie that has a great plot as well as entertaining. The music is awesome as well providing a great effect in the movie.

The plot is spiced up with some serious subject matter yet with enough wit so it doesn’t feel too solemn but the humor does not interfere with the story line. This is a great way to balance while keeping the flow of the plot just right, really. Despite the story line being straightforward because it’s a kid movie, but it still has its twists and turns. The story has some important themes like what love really is as well as the weight of dependability and empathy for others.

The opening song is both enchanting and takes you away to another world. Every song makes possible your connecting more deeply to each character making you get deeper into the story. This movie is ideal for children and you can watch it many times without and still enjoy it.

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