Nokia Lumia 630

nokia lumia 630
nokia lumia 630
nokia lumia 630


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The Design: Plastic design is available in several vibrant colors. Shells are interchangeable.
The Display: 4.5", IPS LCD, 854 x 480 pixels, 218 ppi pixel density.
The Camera: 5 MP camera, f/2.4 aperture, autofocus, 720p HD video recording @30fps, no front-facing camera.
The Audio: The speaker is located at the back of the phone and produces a below-average sound quality and loudness.
The Call Reception & Quality: Call quality could be better.
The Battery: Capacity: 1830 mAh. Talk time: Up to 13 hours for 3G. Standby time: Up to 600 hours for 3G.
The UI Speed: Smooth and fast performance, above what you'd expect considering the price range.
The Overall Experience: Nokia Lumia 630 is a solid Windows phone that aims to fulfill the needs of a typical non-tech-savvy user. It has several cons like a sub-par camera, no built-in flash, and cheap plastic shell; however, for the price you're paying - Nokia 630 is actually a very good smartphone. It features the latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, which offers solid performance in combination with the quad-core processor. If you're looking for a cheap smartphone, and you don't play too many games on your smartphone or need a great camera, Nokia 630 could be a good choice for you.




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Great performance for the price, latest Windows Phone 8.1 OS, built-in motion sensor.


Sub-par camera, no flash, doesn't support 1080p video recording, only 512 GB of RAM (phone won't be able to run certain games), screen could be sharper.

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How To Buy

Things to Consider before purchasing the Nokia Lumia 630

Though the Nokia Lumia 630 is a modern smartphone, everyone has different preferences when it comes to what they want from a smartphone. With that in mind, here are the top things we believe you should be aware of before buying the Nokia Lumia 630:

  • The plastic shell feels somewhat cheap and may be prone to scratches. It’s good too know that you can easily replace the rear shell with a new one
  • The back of the phone is removable, which means that you can easily replace the battery
  • The Nokia Lumia 630 uses a micro-SIM
  • There is a dual-SIM variant of Nokia Lumia 630
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