No7 Gel Look Shine Summer Nail Colour



Ease of Application: Easy to apply with wide brush provided.
Longevity: Approximately four days or up to seven if a top coat is used.
Overall Quality: Good quality nail polish.
The Packaging: Glass bottle containing 10ml of polish and brush.
Safety: Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
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High gloss finish, thorough coverage, hides ridges, quick drying, ideal summer colours.


Limited colour range, not as durable as expected.

Bottom Line

Good quality nail polish in summery colours with high gloss shine and reasonable durability.

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No 7 have come up trumps with their latest in nail polishes. This one seems to have all the features lacking in other branded polishes, flexibility, durability and it hides ridges in the nails too.

Created in a nice thick formula, this polish applies well, thanks to its wide brush and quality consistency and comes in a variety of fun colours such as Lemon Drop, Orange Spice, Hotting Up, Neptune, Mint Treat, Summer Holiday, Deep Wine and Pink Meringue. The latter is not to everyone’s taste and can look a little insipid, however it is a relatively neutral colour and makes your nails look healthy, much like a French manicure, so I think this one’s a good choice for interviews or when a more natural look is desired.

Not quite as chip resistant as it makes out, this polish is best used in conjunction with a top coat to seal it and to give it more durability. No 7 sell a Gel-Look Shine top coat in the same range.

Carefully applied down the middle of the nail, you can do this in one fair swoop, ‘completing the coverage in one stroke’, as advertised, but for wider nails it is necessary to paint down either side. If you’re able to paint your nails in a single layer, they do dry quickly, unlike some other brands.

The best thing about this nail polish is its intense shine. The bright colours are ideal for summer but, even using a top coat, you’ll be lucky to get a whole week’s wear out of it, without touching up. The glossy finish however is the closest thing yet to Shallac, without the cost and time spent in a nail bar or beauty parlour.

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