Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation
Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation
Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation


Ease of Application: It is easily applied, by fingertip or make-up sponge.
Longevity: The foundation tends to last all day, Max Factor guarantee an 8-hour longevity.
Overall Quality: A good quality product which is pleasant to use because it doesn't clog the pores and is fragrance-free.
The Packaging: In a plastic elliptical tube with no other outer packaging.
Fragrance: Fragrance-free.
Safety: Appropriate for sensitive skin. Avoid getting in the eyes. For external use only.
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8-hour touch-resistant finish, effective and enduring coverage, flawless appearance, easily applied, suitable for sensitive skin, fragrance-free.


Difficult to choose correct shade without multiple trials for skin tone, tube often dispenses too much, the excess of which is wasted. No SPF.

Bottom Line

A nice quality fragrance-free foundation with exceptional touch-resistant endurance and clog-free, non-greasy texture.

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Max Factor Lasting Performance FoundationMany foundations fail to last the day without being touched up or re-applied. Max Factor actually guarantee an 8-hour finish with this product and even though I haven’t checked personally with a stopwatch, I have found that the coverage is both thorough and seriously enduring.

The biggest problem with foundations is that you inadvertently touch your face during the course of the day. We all need to eat and drink too, putting our make-up through the rigours of everyday life. This foundation however maintains the freshly-applied look and is fairly touch resistant, giving a flawless appearance to your skin. As a regular swimmer, I’ve noticed that it also remains on in the water, or at least until you forget it’s on and then rub it off on a towel.

It is easily applied, by fingertip or make-up sponge and won’t clog your pores, owing to its non-comedogenic properties, as the professionals refer to them. Nor will it leave your skin feeling greasy. Despite having sensitive skin, I have not experienced a problem with this particular product, probably helped by being totally fragrance-free.

There are eight shades to choose from, and if you have the opportunity to sample before you buy but have difficulty choosing between two particular shades, unsure which best suits your colour tone, opt for the slightly lighter one, as a darker shade than your natural skin tone will be more obvious and spoil the flawless look.

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