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Ease of Application: Use a good quality brush to apply by gently swirling the powder around your face to ensure thorough coverage, then brush lightly to remove any excess product.
Longevity: Applied carefully with a brush, the pot should last a couple of months.
Overall Quality: Excellent quality product.
The Packaging: 8g/0.28 oz pot.
Fragrance: Fragrance free.
Safety: No evident issues.
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Flawless coverage, Paraben (preservative) free, Fragrance free, Full range of shades available


Use sparingly or will not last long.

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Great foundation with flawless finish and natural ingredients.

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BareMinerals foundation comes in a powder form, which consists of crushed minerals. It is a light foundation compared to some cream and liquid types and yet it offers complete and natural-looking coverage. To obtain the best results, using a good quality brush improves application and doesn’t leave a tell-tale residue at the jawline like other foundations. The overall look is flawless, concealing uneven skin tone, freckles and small blemishes, while giving the face a healthy glow. It is a product ideal for everyday use and particularly in the summer when a sun cream is needed. The foundation can be applied over your favourite sun cream but contains Factor 15 which is useful if you tend to forget.

The lightweight formula, which contains glistening pigments, is free from harmful chemicals, perfumes and oils preventing an outbreak of the skin which occurs when pores get clogged, leaving your complexion softer and younger looking.
Over time and with regular use of the foundation, most women notice an improvement in their skin’s appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish without having a drying effect on your skin.

Coming in a range of 12 different shades, from Fair to Golden Dark, there will definitely be a shade which suits every complexion. Despite not being the cheapest make-up item ever, this is one that really might be worth the investment.

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