Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test Kit with Conception Indicator

Clearblue Pregnancy Test Kit Conception Indicator
Clearblue Pregnancy Test Kit Conception Indicator
Clearblue Pregnancy Test Kit Conception Indicator


Who is it For: Couples trying for a baby, ladies who suspect they are or who want to be pregnant.
Directions: In a nutshell, an absorbent test stick is held in the urine stream (preferably first-morning urination) on the day your period is due to start, and within three minutes, a result will show on the optical display on the stick. It is however imperative to read the instructions thoroughly before use and to make necessary arrangements for the well-being of yourself and the baby during your pregnancy.
Fast Acting: An accurate prediction can be provided in three minutes.
The Packaging: Contains instructions and 2 tests, in case the first test shows negative but you still think you are pregnant and want to check a few days later, as pregnancy hormone levels rise.
Product Quality: Reliable brand, recommended by doctors.
Safety: Safe to use. Has no detrimental effects on mother or baby.

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Less messy than having to collect urine sample in a small container, saves the embarrassment of producing a urine sample in the public doctor’s surgery, far preferable to squinting at faint lines on a stick, as with other products, to discern if you’re pregnant, nice and easy to use in the privacy of your own home, fast and accurate prediction, useful to have two predictors in the kit in case the first test is carried out too early and shows an inaccurate result because of this.


A “Not Pregnant” result may change if the test is carried out more than four days before the period is due to start, when hormone levels are not sufficient to detect a pregnancy, women who have irregular menstruation may have difficulty predicting the best time to use the kit, the kit may be blamed for inaccurate baby due dates which are common if the mother does not note the date of the first day of her last period, doctors’ practices often carry out pregnancy tests for free, eliminating the need for home kits.

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A reliable and convenient way to test for pregnancy. This innovative device has a 99% accuracy and, carried out at the recommended time of your menstrual cycle, leaves no doubt as to whether you are pregnant or not.

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Clearblue Pregnancy Test Kit Conception Indicator (small)
This clever device leaves no room for doubt as to whether you are pregnant or not. With over 99% accuracy, the dual indicator confirms a pregnancy and even goes as far as calculating how long ago it was when you conceived.

A well-known and trusted brand, recommended by doctors, the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy test kit is easy to use and research has shown that an accurate positive pregnancy can be predicted up to four days before your period is due.

The clear digital display shows, in words, the result – either “Not Pregnant” or “Pregnant” and if pregnant, by how many weeks, again in words.

The test works by measuring the levels of the pregnancy hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) in your body. This hormone is present during pregnancy and after giving birth and is commonly thought to elicit morning sickness. This hormone increases rapidly for the date of conception but is crucial in maintaining the pregnancy. It is owing to the quickly multiplying levels of hCG that makes it so detectable and easy to accurately predict a pregnancy with this kit. Interestingly, levels of hCG tend to drop off at weeks 7-12, providing an explanation for why morning sickness declines at this point.

If you are trying for a baby, this is a great way to establish if you are pregnant in the privacy of your own home and without having to wait beyond the day your period is due to start. It is highly recommended that you start making diary entries of your periods to ascertain if there is regularity in your menstruation patterns, as doctors will base their calculation of the stage of your pregnancy (and of course the baby’s due date) from the first day of your last period. You should also start taking folic acid tablets to ensure the healthy formation and growth of the baby’s spine during pregnancy and also make an appointment with your GP to receive the best possible care, as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

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