Braun Series 7-790cc Shaver

Braun Series 7-790cc Electric Shaver
Braun Series 7-790cc Electric Shaver
Braun Series 7-790cc Electric Shaver


Who is it For: Men; those with sensitive skin,
Directions: After testing various sensitivity levels on skin, use once or twice daily depending on facial hair growth
Fragrance: The self-cleaning cartridges have a pleasant lemon fragrance.
Product Quality: Outstanding in every way
Safety: The cleaning unit must be kept upright as the alcohol-based solution may leak and damage certain surfaces.

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Great close shave; ergononic; simple to use; easy to clean and maintain; economical to run.


Does not come with shaver adapter, have to buy this separately.

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A Rolls Royce of shavers – efficient, easy to use, with the results of a wet shave but without the irritation.

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Braun Series 790cc

This shaver is the closest thing to a wet shave without all the hassle. It takes a few days for your skin to get accustomed to the use of an electric shaver but it is worth the wait. It can be used either wet or dry, making it flexible to your personal preference.

The shaver’s ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold and move around the contours of your face. Easily cutting through four or more days’ worth of facial hair growth, my husband now only feels the necessity to wet shave once or twice a year to take his skin back to ‘zero’ stubble and to give his sensitive face a rest. The skin really does feel superbly soft and devoid of bristle after a few minutes spent on shaving every day. Braun boasts that the unit can provide “10,000 micro vibrations with every stroke” and certainly explains why such a close shave is achievable.

The shaver comes with its own self-cleaning unit, which is great because you can select a quick rinse but also incorporates an intensive cleaning mode to ensure a thoroughly clean shaver is ready for the next time. The unit uses alcohol-based cleaning solutions to repel all the hard-to-clean bits of hair on the shaver and lubricates the shaver ready for the next time. Whilst it is doing this, the base unit is also charging the shaver so it can be used cordlessly. You can get approximately two weeks’ cordless shaving out of it after a full charge. The LCD indicators will reset on completion. You can however charge the shaver independently to the base unit if required.

The skin sensitivity control is a good feature and means that you can adjust the shaver to adequately handle the various areas and contours of your face depending on how sensitive it is. A pivoting shaving head and flexible cutting elements make the whole shaving experience less irritating on the skin and ensure that both long and short hairs are captured with each stroke.

A built in trimmer is useful for getting hold of those awkward short hairs which tend to lie flat along the skin’s surface and which could cause irritation with most shavers while you try and get the blades to grasp them.

An LCD display is a useful feature to remind you when the shaver needs charging and also when it needs cleaning. There is also an indicator to remind you to replace the head after 18 months of use.

We all feel reassured if we know a famous celebrity uses and recommends the products we buy and this particular one is advertised by Sebastian Vettel, the famous FI champion.

Compared to another well-known foil shaver on the market, the Panasonic ESLA93K, the Braun is slightly more expensive to buy but is cheaper to run in the longer term, owing to longer-lasting and more readily available cleaning cartridges and easier to find replacement foils. Other users have also remarked that the Panasonic made their neck sore. The Braun would be recommended without a doubt.

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