Posted May 19, 2015 by Steve in Health & Beauty Articles

Does Bio Oil Work On Stretch Marks?


Everyone hates stretch marks, they are annoying marks where your body stretched and are most often caused from pregnancy or from a rapid rate of weight (fat) loss. Many women fear pregnancy just because of the chance that they may get stretch marks and have their body “disfigured”. Over the ages there have been many attempted cures and even scams that have claimed to be able to get rid of your stretch marks but very few of them were actually able to do that. However, an oil known as Bio Oil may be able to help reduce, if not eliminate, your stretch marks.

Bio Oil originally comes from the land of Germany and was developed by Dieter Beier, a cosmetic scientist. His original aim was to research using oil for skin care. During his research he soon began to realize that oil is a perfect medium to deliver vitamins to the body. Because of this he was inspired to develop Bio Oil. The original Bio Oil was very thick but Beier had an idea and added PurCellin oil thich reduced the thickness. In 1986 Beier finished his Bio Oil product and it was put on the market the following year.

Bio Oil wasn’t approved for sale in the United States until 2002 and it did take some time before it caight on. Now Bio Oil can be found in your local drug store and on most related websites that sell similar products.

So what makes Bio Oil so effective and reducing the appearance of stretch marks? Bio Oil helps your skin overcome old scars and stretch marks by plasticizing and moisturizing the skin. Both of these processes lead to the appearance of smoother skin in any kind of scar. It helps your skin regain its elastic tendencies that it lost when it was damaged. The most prominent ingredients in Bio Oil include: Calendula oil, Chamomile oil, Lavender oil, PurCellin oil, Rosemary oil, and Vitamins A and E. Most of these are ingredients that your body should be receiving anyway as part of your skincare routine. The main differences are the levels of the ingredients and the delivery method of the oil.

Bio Oil is most effective on newer scars and stretch marks but will help with just about any stretch marks and scars. The rule to remember when it comes to Bio Oil is that the sooner you start applying it the better the results you are going to see. The main difference in Bio Oil is that it doesn’t only help you get rid of scars and stretch marks, it helps you maintain healthy skin.

If you decide to start using Bio Oil  some professionals recommend combining it with food grade coconut oil to help keep the skin smooth and bacteria free. Many people have seen impressive results from using Bio Oil, not only on stretch marks from pregnancy but also on marks caused by growth and from other issues.