Matrix Biolage Hydrating Conditioning Balm

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Directions: Apply to shampooed and towel dried hair. Leave on for between one and three minutes. Rinse and style hair as normal.
Longevity: Used once or twice a week, the large 1 litre tub should last three months.
Fast Acting: Instant results.
The Packaging: Plastic 1 litre tub.
Fragrance: Nice fragrance.
Effectiveness: Effectively eliminates tangles and frizz in dry, coarse hair.
Safety: If it gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with clear water.

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Effectively de-tangles coarse hair, instantly re-hydrates dry and damaged ends, ideal for coloured hair.


You need to like it to warrant the price, not a travel-friendly container.

Bottom Line

A quality product which deeply moisturises your hair, leaving it tangle free, shiny and manageable.

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The Matrix Biolage range of products has been created to cater for those of us with dry and damaged hair. Their aim is to replicate the properties of the Aloe Vera plant, which constantly retains a high level of moisture.

The formula of the Hydrating Conditioning Balm instantly rehydrates neglected hair, locking in the moisture to make it more manageable and tangle free. Nicely fragranced, this product gives your hair more shine, is softer to the touch and generally looks more healthy and cared for.

Owing to some previously negative reviews on the Matrix Biolage website, with consumers voicing their disappointment at an apparent change of formula and subsequent reduction in perceived quality, they seem to have responded favourably with this particular product which receives top marks all round. I like the way its long list of ingredients includes many natural botanical ones, such as lemongrass, wheatgerm, fruit, seaweed and sage.

Its formula is free also from parabens, the group of preservatives used in some body and haircare products to prolong their shelf-life and suspected by many as being linked to breast tumours. That is a good thing then, as it makes the conditioning balm more suitable for coloured hair.

My initial reaction when researching the product was that it was a bit pricey but this is a salon-quality product and does come in a one litre tub, so it should last for ages.

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