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Directions: Brush the hair before applying the clip-on extensions. Section the hair and apply them from the bottom up. There will be more wefts available. Start with the the ones with 2 and 3 clips, and work your way up. At the end, brush or curl your hair to blend the extensions and make them look natural.
Longevity: Up to 6 months.
Safety: The Bellami Hair Extensions are perfectly safe to use on all types of hair. Made of healthy, 100% natural hair, the product doesn't cause any sort of allergies or skin irritations.

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100% natural remy hair. Easy to apply, varied colour palette.



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Made of 100% human hair, the Bellami Hair Extensions are excellent for women who want to have long, voluminous hair. Top-notch quality, clip-on application.

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bellami hair

Made of 100% human remy hair, the Bellami hair extensions have been around for quite some time. The company emerged in 2012 when it started gathering tens of thousands of fans on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Many celebrities and beauty gurus wear them, which means the quality of the hair extensions is indeed top-notch.

Bellami’s goal is to offer beautiful hair to women of all ages; they claim their product is easy to apply, discreet and made of 100% real hair. The extensions come in 4 different categories:

  • Piccolina – 120 grams/18 inches
  • Bambina – 160 grams/20 inches
  • Bellissima – 220 grams/22 inches
  • Lilly Hair – 260 grams/20 inches

As for the color, Bellami features a varied palette on their official website, starting from average shades of black, brown, blonde and vibrant red to more unusual nuances of teal ombre and beach blonde.

Since the hair is 100% natural, it can also be dyed to blend perfectly with the hair color of the wearer. The extensions are clip-on, so you can take them off daily. They can be washed with shampoo and conditioner, brushed, curled and ironed. The Bellami extensions have managed to conquer the hearts of hundreds of thousands of women with thick, short, washed off hair. According to the company, they can last up to 6 months, provided that the buyer takes good care of them; this means monthly washing and brushing.

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