Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4
Sony PlayStation 4
Sony PlayStation 4


Release Date:
The Dimensions: H 53mm, W 275mm , D 305mm. Weight 2.8kg.
The Processor: 8-core x86 AMD Jaguar CPU clocked at 1.60 GHz. Radeon HD 7000-series GPU clocked at 800 MHz.
The Hard Drive: 500GB.
The Optical Disc Drive: BD x 6 CAV, DVD x 8 CAV, Blu-ray and DVD playback, no audio CD support.
The Connectivity: Ethernet x1, IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz only), Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. Super-Speed USBx (USB 3.0) port x2, AUX port x1. HDMI out port, digital out optical port. HD output at 720p, 1080p and 1080i.
The Features: ‘Instant On’ capability, PlayStation 4 Eye – 1280 x 800 resolution camera, DualShock 4 wireless controllers, built-in premium games, PS Vita Remote Play, additional free apps such as IGN, BBC iPlayer, Vidzone, Amazon, LoveFilm, Netflix, BBC Sports, BBC News.
Value for Money: The PS4 retails from around £349 / US$399 which represents good value for money for such a high-end games console.



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Excellent performance, great DualShock 4 controller, great user interface, easy setup.


Lack of good PS4 exclusives at the moment, lacks DLNA media streaming support, no CD / mp3 playback.

Bottom Line

The Sony PS4 is quite possibly the best games console out there at the moment. The in-built games show off its performance and reveal it has the capacity to run the most demanding games and graphics that we’ll see in 2014 and beyond. The DualShock 4 wireless controllers are a real innovation even though the touchpad and improved motion tracking have yet to be utilized.

If you own a PS3, then you may want to wait and see how the console evolves in 2014 when developers really start to push the tech inside the PS4. But if you do decide to pay for the upgrade, you won’t be disappointed. It’s miles better and you won’t regret it.

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Sony PlayStation 4 Console

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