What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches

What Else is in the Teaches of Peaches
What Else is in the Teaches of Peaches
What Else is in the Teaches of Peaches


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ISBN: 978-1617753572
Synopsis: This book presents a an almost hypnotic collection of Holger Talinski's evocative and sometimes erotic photos of transgressive musical icon Peaches, both on and off the stage, including text by Peaches, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Yoko Ono, and Ellen Page, the actress who is probably best known for her leading role in the film 'Juno', which rewarded her with an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.



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This book is clearly only for fans of Peaches. If you love her and her music, then you'll find the photography just as interesting.


Some people who don't like nudity may not find this book appropriate.

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Peaches is a well-known actor, producer, filmmaker, musician, singer and writer. She has been creating her masterpieces from Berlin since the year 2000. Her creations have given her a cult status amongst her fans that follow her worldwide. Some of her masterpieces include I feel cream, Fatherfucker, Impeach My Bush and the infamous The Teaches of The Peaches. She also has another album forthcoming.

A photographer named Holger Talinski has captured Peaches on and offstage from 2009 to 2014. These unseen snaps of the celebrity are available in this book ‘What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches’. Each photograph carries a commentary by Peaches, Michael Stipe, Ellen Page and Yoko Ono. Each one of the photographs is highly intimate and suggestive just as described by Yoko Ono in one of his commentaries as being vulnerable, sensitive and strong without even trying.

Peaches is ferocious, relentless, sexy, confident, and gives all of herself to her audience. She is a person who inspires. — Ellen Page, actress

Peaches has released five albums in all and has appeared in productions by the Flaming Lips, REM and Christina Aguilera. She has remixed songs with Daft Punk and written a song with P!nk. She was the lead singer for the role of L’Orfeo in a piece by the seventeenth-century Italian opera by Monteverdi.

Peaches stands tall and she is fearless. That is my definition of a hero, heroine, progressive, icon–locked in, and ready to rumble. – Michael Stipe of R.E.M

She has been featured in each and every role of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar in a one-woman performance named Peaches Christ Superstar. Peaches has also created a film called Peaches Does Herself which was first played at the Toronto Film Festival of 2012 and was later presented at more than 70 film festivals worldwide.

Peaches has acted in TV shows and feature films such as True Blood, My Little Eye, Mean Girls, Lost in Translation, 30 Rock, South Park, The L World and many more.

She has finished just another new album named RUB. This is her first new release in the past five years and will be made available in the second half of this year. Till that time, immerse yourself in her photo book.

The revolutionary music icon Peaches is presented in a hypnotically suggestive and amatory fashion by Holger Talinski. It portrays her life both, on and off the stage and is accompanied by commentaries by Yoko Ono, R.E.M. and Peaches herself. The book also contains comments by Ellen Page who is well known for her role in the film Juno which won her the Best Actress nomination at the Oscars.

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