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Number of Pages: 352 pages
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Synopsis: "Stay Alive" is a mystery book centered on the desperate attempts of a woman to stay alive.
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Enjoyable mystery book, easy to read and quite exciting. If you like thriller books, "Stay Alive" will exceed your expectations.


Not suitable for people who don't like thriller books. Also, some may not consider the plot to be that original.

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Meet Amanda, main character in the book who witnesses the murder of her husband. Haunted by the killer, Amanda’s job is to run, hide and stay alive.

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Stay Alive, by Simon-Kernick
Written by bestselling author Simon Kernick, “Stay Alive” is a thrilling book about a woman’s desperate attempts to survive. You’re on a lovely trip with your loved ones, someplace in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden, a shot rings out and your life changes completely in a split second. Mysterious and exciting, “Stay Alive” entices the reader from the first pages. The plot is centered on the story of Amanda Rowan, who comes home and sees her husband murdered next to his mistress, in their bedroom.

What’s worse is that the killer is still in the house, so Amanda must do everything in her power to escape and stay alive. Simon Kernick is a mastermind at writing thriller novels. He hooks the reader and keeps him totally attached to the story from start to end. The murderer of Amanda’s husband is a wicked serial killer better known as The Disciple. He only picks isolated cottages to kill and he likes to torture his victims using Satanic symbols.

As the only person who has seen The Disciple, Amanda will be sent away to Scotland, where she will be placed in a safe house. In the meantime, another character makes an appearance, Mike Bolt, whose job is to catch the notorious killer. Unfortunately for Amanda, the safe house is not that safe; she finds herself running away, pursued by dangerous gunmen who want her alive.

Former unit officer Frank Keogh must capture Amanda, and he will do everything in his power to do complete his assignment. Packed with twists and turns, “Stay Alive” will certainly keep readers interested. An appealing character makes an appearance; his name is Scope and he’s a former soldier. For those who haven’t read any other book written by Simon Kernick, Scope is a returning character from several of Simon’s past books.

“Stay Alive” brings people together. It is a exciting mystery book with complex, obscure characters that will leave readers speechless. Kernick is excellent at writing fluid action books, so if you’re fond of thrillers, “Stay Alive” is exactly what you need. The story is not solely centered on Amanda though; the reader should be ready to deal with a wide cast of characters such as detectives Mo Khan and Mike Bolt; notorious policeman Frank Keogh, Joss Granger and her sister Casey and others.

Stay Alive is an exciting, easy to read book by Simon Kernick, packed with some great action, wide-ranging characters, and a really nice plot.
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