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Prince of fools voyager
Prince of fools voyager
Prince of fools voyager


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Number of Pages: 368
ISBN: 978-0425268780
Synopsis: "Prince of Fools" is the opening book from Mark Lawrence's newest trilogy "The Red Queen's War". The fantasy novel is centered on Jalan Kendeth, gambler and alcoholic with no aspirations to the throne. After escaping a death trap, Jalan finally understands his fate and goes to war in the hopes of saving the queen's kingdom.
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Excellent fantasy book for Mark Lawrence fans. Powerful, beautifully written and gripping.


"Prince of Fools" won't make much sense if you haven't read Lawrence's other trilogy "Broken Empire".

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“Prince of Fools” is an epic adventure, a grand opening to a fantasy trilogy with great narrative potential that will appeal to readers of the fictional genre. To understand the plot and the essence of the book, you should read Lawrence’s other trilogy first, “Broken Empire”.

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Price of Fools by Mark Lawrence

“Prince of Fools” is the first book in a trilogy about “The Red Queen’s War” by author Mark Lawrence. This is a follow up to his earlier trilogy, Broken Empire. The new books are set in the same world as Broken Empire, but they follow different characters. Fans of that earlier trilogy will be happy to see these new books arrive.

“Prince of Fools” is the opening book in the Red Queen’s War series, and it starts the new trilogy off well. The narrative is exciting and confident, and leaves readers wanting more.  It could easily be one of the most enjoyable books of the year. Returning to the scene of the Broken Empire, Lawrence shifts his attention in this book to a prince named Jalan Kendeth. Jalan is the Red Queen’s grandson, and the queen is one or the most feared rules in all of the Broken Empire. She has been involved in a war the entire duration of her rule. Jalan is a descendant of Jorg Ancrath, but he is very different in terms of character. Jalan likes women, drinks, and gambling. His ambitions are limited. Though he is 10th in line for succeeding to the throne, he seems satisfied with his lot in life.

Over the course of the book, Jalan’s character evolves and the reader gets to witness his personal growth and transformation. Like the earlier series, the book is written in the first person, which gives the reader an insight into Jalan’s thought processes. He has his flaws, as we all do, but maintains a level of integrity, loyalty and morality that make him a sympathetic character. As a lead character, he has the strength to carry the book.

In “Prince of Fools,” Jalan has to escape from a death trap which was set by the Silent Sister, a mysterious and deadly weapon used by the Red Queen. He then teams up with a Norse Warrior, and the duo set out on a journey that takes them across the Broken Empire. The Norse Warrior, named Snorri, makes a good companion in the story of Jalan’s adventures.

“Prince of Fools” is primarily a straightforward fantasy story, more so than the earlier trilogy, but it does include a significant dose of horror which keeps readers on edge. The plot is action packed and exciting, without a dull moment. The book explores more of the Broken Empire, and though fans of the first trilogy will be delighted with this book, new Lawrence readers can jump right into this book without feeling like they are missing things.

While the Broken Empire trilogy was an epic adventure, with a storyline driven by conflict and conquest, the new book is more focused on characters. Jalan and his companion Snorri are both well developed characters, who grow and change on their journey through the book. The two have an interesting interaction, and the dialog between the two is really well written.

All in all, “Prince of Fools” is an entertaining read which draws its readers into an engrossing story through a fantasy world. It is powerfully written, and a recommended read for fans of Lawrence’s other works, as well as newcomers too.

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