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This book serves as the definitive reference for music photography by Anton Corbijn. He is one of the most prominent directors and photographers of our time. This collection contains a lot of previously unpublished images which shed light on his growing fascination with the music industry right from 1970 up to this very day.

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Anton Corbijn has been the driving force of a marvellous career spanning over the last few decades. He is presently involved in the creation of full length movies like A Most Wanted Man, The American & Life which are due to be released this year.

This large format book has been elaborately illustrated and recognises Anton Corbijn’s fascination with rock and roll which has been the cause of enduring friendships with leading musicians like Dave Gahan, Michael Stipe Bono, etc. This book covers looks at over forty years of highly creative and unusual masterpieces created by Anton Corbijn which are majorly the result of his rapport with the subjects.

The book contains almost every well-known band and musician right from Nick Cave to Nirvana, R.E.M., U2, Siouxie, Rolling Stones, Banshees et all. Several of the snaps carry comments about Corbijn’s unique approach and style made by the subjects themselves. The book also contains photos of Depeche and Joe Cocker that have never been published earlier. This book works as an appropriate acknowledgement of the deep passion of this photographer and will appeal quite well to photography and rock music fans alike.

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