The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho


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Number of Pages: 163
ISBN: 0-06-250217-4
Synopsis: A young boy goes on a journey in pursuit of a dream about treasure and in this quest discovers strengths he was not aware he possessed. He learns that it is perfectly fine; wise even - to dare ask life for more.
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For the spiritual at heart, The Alchemist will re-affirm the belief in a higher power and as the power of faith.


Cynics will be rolling their eyes at the parables and allegories and begging for the author to get to the point.

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A young man dares to follow his heart and pursue his dream, armed with little more than a thirst for adventure and a blind, though sometimes shaken, faith.

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The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Unsatisfied with the predictable quiet rural life in the Andalusian Terrain in Spain, Santiago makes a decision to up and leave his mundane, predictable life along with his priesthood studies. Armed with three ancient Spanish gold coins from his father and an overwhelming thirst for adventure and excitement, the young man buys a flock of sheep and lives as a Shepherd which is enough for him until he has a recurring dream which he makes up his mind to pursue, once again abandoning a way of life he has become accustomed to.

After an encounter with a Gypsy woman and a king, Santiago does what most of us wouldn’t-blindly follow omens and travel to strange lands in pursuit of this dream. Most of his childlike innocence is taken away when someone he considers a friend robs him of all his money and he decides to take on a job working in a crystal shop where he realizes that quite unlike the merchant, he wants more out of life than just being comfortable.

The young man continues, passion re-ignited, on his quest for the treasure that his dream promised would be found among the Pyramids of Egypt. Along the way he learns the power of patience, willpower and abandoning yourself up to what is inevitable, good or bad. He learns, after falling in love with a girl that true love does not get in the way of one’s destiny, instead it encourages it and is not threatened by it.

Paulo Coelho makes use of parables as well as allegories to convey messages about being faithful to one’s dream, patience and other virtues. The writing is in third person and the author refers to beliefs in the supernatural such as omens and symbols. Lovers of philosophy might find this book intriguing.

Reading The Alchemist feels a lot like listening to the soothing voice of an old beloved grandfather as he dispenses pearls of wisdom through the use of folktales. It serves as a gentle reminder of not only one’s childhood dreams but also the faith in self that has been slowly eroded away by life’s disappointments. Whether is in a desert two hours from the desert or in a bustling city with endless opportunities, The Alchemist affirms the idea that in the end, most people just want something to believe in.

A lesson in achieving one’s purpose and the belief that when one truly desires something, the universe works towards helping one achieve it.
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